On-demand Webinar

Right now, 30% of companies in the United States employ the NIST cybersecurity framework. In 2020, that number is set to be 50% of all companies in the US. But what exactly does the NIST cybersecurity framework entail? What makes it so popular, and how can technology help you accelerate adoption?

Join us on Tuesday, July 24th at 10am EST for a conversation about the NIST framework and why it's become so popular in security organizations across the US.

You'll learn:

  • The basics of the NIST cybersecurity framework.
  • How NIST compares to other cybersecurity frameworks and the pros and cons of each.
  • How technology can help you accelerate your adoption of the NIST cybersecurity framework.



Sam Curry
CSO | Cybereason


John Banghart
Snr. Director for Tech Risk Management | Venable


Shlomi Avivi
VP of Information Security | Cybereason