Lior Div
CEO & Co-Founder

Yossi Naar
CVO & Co-Founder

Yonatan Striem-Amit
CTO & Co-Founder

Mike Volpe
Chief Marketing Officer

Sam Curry
Chief Security Officer

Israel Barak

Shai Horovitz
CEO Cybereason Japan

Andy Byron
Chief Revenue Officer

Scott Ward
Chief Financial Officer

Emmy Linder
Global Head of Operations

Bhanu Sareddy
Senior Vice President Customer Success

Ziv Oren
GM Israel R&D Center

Jonathan Shapira
Vice President and General Counsel

Advisory Board

Edward Davis
President and CEO of Edward Davis, LLC

Gerhard Eschelbeck
Vice President Security and Privacy Engineering at Google

Robert Bigman
Former CISO of the CIA

Jeanette Horan
Former IBM Executive

Mike Gordon
Deputy CISO at Lockheed Martin

Nick Percoco
CISO at Uptake

Pinhas Buchris
Founder and Managing Partner at State of Mind Ventures

Richard Rushing
CISO at Motorola Mobillity

Herman Young
CISO at Investec

Kugan Kulothungan
CISO at Virtusa Corporation

Seth McCallister
CISO at HUB International

Mike Makowka
CISO at LEO Cyber Security