Hunting Engine

The Cybereason Hunting Engine in Action

The Hunting Engine uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioral techniques to detect a complete cyber attacks.


The Cybereason hunting engine lets you

Categorize malicious

Categorize malicious activities to distinguish between common attacks and more advanced adversaries like cybercriminals, nation-states and hacktivists.

Constantly learn and adapt

Constantly learn and adapt, keeping you at the bleeding edge of new detection techniques, which are embedded in the platform and designed to find new attacks.

The Hunting Engine is a purpose built, in-memory graph and data storage that performs real time, continuous data collection and adaptive entity correlation. It continuously pulls in millions of pieces of data from the Endpoint and Server Sensors, and maintains the millions of relationships between data entities.

Its unique ability to ask 8 million questions per second, is the basis for its automated hunting capabilities. The engine builds an evolving, in-memory, real-time view of your environment and portrays a picture of an emerging attack.