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We correlate events to find patterns

All of the data from the sensors is constantly relayed to the Cybereason Hunting Engine. It remembers, relates and connects past and present activities and continuously grows stronger, smarter and more effective.

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It analyzes and

Using machine learning algorithms, the Hunting Engine recognizes behaviors that even the most sophisticated AV can’t, including fileless malware and lateral movement. It connects seemingly unrelated or benign events to reveal the full scope of the attack.

Our unique hunting engine works harder, faster and smarter

Our custom-built in-memory graph is the heart of the Cybereason Hunting Engine. It interrogates every endpoint by asking 8 million questions per second, 24/7 to uncover malicious tools and tactics.

See how it works
See how it works

And we expose the
entire attack

Our Response Interface presents the end-to-end malicious operation, or Malop™. You can delve deep into individual processes, discover how the adversary gained access, and remediate with precision. With less time spent on investigation and response, your top talent can focus on higher-level work.

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