Cybereason Inc.
External Brand Guidelines

Last Updated: December 19, 2018

Cybereason, Inc. (“Cybereason” or “Company”) has a reputation for providing high-quality products and services in the cybersecurity field. Cybereason’s intellectual property, including both its copyrights and trademarks, are important assets to the Company. Cybereason’s copyrights and trademarks must be used in accordance with these guidelines (“Guidelines”). Cybereason diligently guards against any misuse of its trademarks and copyrights in order to protect its reputation and guard the strength of its intellectual property rights.

Trademark List

Cybereason owns the following word-mark trademarks, in the United States and certain other countries:

  • MALOP™

Cybereason owns the following logo trademarks, in the United States and certain other countries:


Cybereason’s use of the ® symbol in connection with any mark on the lists above indicates its ownership of a registration for that mark on the United States Principal Register, and possibly the registers of other countries.

Please note that these lists are not all-inclusive. The absence of any mark on these lists does not mean that it is not a Cybereason trademark. All trademarks on the lists above and all other trademarks of Cybereason are collectively referred to in these guidelines as “Cybereason Trademarks”.

Cybereason requires that its Cybereason Trademarks be used in accordance with the below restrictions:


  • Display or refer to Cybereason word marks only when necessary because it is germane to the subject matter of any publication, subject matter, or conference in which the mark is used.
  • Display your name, logo, trademarks, or trade name more prominently than the Cybereason mark in any printed material in which a Cybereason mark is used or reference.
  • Conspicuously disclaim any and all sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by Cybereason, on all publications and/or printed material in which you reference Cybereason or feature any Cybereason mark.
  • Use the proper spelling for all Cybereason marks.
  • Ensure that the Cybereason name or Cybereason mark are visually distinguishable from your name and your product and service names.
  • Ensure any use of any Cybereason mark or name is truthful, accurate, and not misleading.
  • Use the ® or ™ symbol in connection with any use of a Cybereason Trademark in the United States, as that trademark and symbol appears in the Trademark List above.
  • Use the following acknowledgement of Cybereason’s ownership of its marks and/or logos: “[insert permissible mark(s)] [is a/are] registered trademark[s] or trademark[s] of Cybereason, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.”
  • If authorized in writing by Cybereason to use a Cybereason logo:
    • use only the artwork provided by Cybereason.
    • do not use alter or distort the appearance of the logo in anyway, including without limitation by adjusting the color of the logo.
    • ensure that the logo is not reproduced in a manner that causes it to become illegible or blurry.
    • allow for a minimum clear space around the Cybereason logo.
    • refrain from superimposing any other image or graphic element on or near the Cybereason logo.


Do Not

  • Use any Cybereason logo unless you have express written consent from Cybereason authorizing such use.
  • Use any trademark or name confusingly similar to a Cybereason Trademark.
  • Use any Cybereason Trademark in a manner likely to cause confusion about the origin of any goods or services.
  • Use a Cybereason Trademark in a manner likely to suggest or imply any affiliation or sponsorship between Cybereason and its products or services and you and your products or services (absent prior written permission).
  • Use any Cybereason Trademark as or as part of a company, product, service, solution, technology, or program name.
  • Use a Cybereason Trademark in a manner likely to harm the reputation of Cybereason.
  • Copy or imitate any Cybereason trade dress, or the look, design, or overall commercial impression of any Cybereason website, blog, or other materials.
  • Register or use any domain name that incorporates any Cybereason Trademark.
  • Register or seek to register a Cybereason Trademark, or any mark or name that is confusingly similar to a Cybereason Trademark.
  • Use any Cybereason Trademark as or in connection with Google AdWords, AdWords Express or any other similar online advertising service.
  • Alter or animate any Cybereason Trademark, including without limitation by abbreviating the trademark or adding a prefix or suffix to the trademark.
  • Combine any Cybereason name or mark with any other letters, numbers, words, or any design or logo.
  • Use any Cybereason Trademark as the visual focal point of any materials.
  • Use the Cybereason name or any Cybereason Trademark next to your name or the name of your products or services.
  • Use any Cybereason Trademark as a noun.

If you wish to obtain permission to use a Cybereason logo or have any questions about these guidelines, please contact: Legal@Cybereason.com


Rules for Proper Usage of Cybereason as a Company Name

“Cybereason” functions as a company name referring to Cybereason, Inc. in addition to serving as a trademark. When functioning as a company name, Cybereason is a noun and should not be followed by a generic descriptor. When functioning as the company name, Cybereason may be used in the possessive form. When used as a trade name, “Cybereason” should not be followed by a trademark symbol. Within documents, the first reference to the trade or company name should be “Cybereason, Inc.” “Cybereason” can be used for subsequent references.


Misuse of Cybereason Trademarks by Others

If you become aware of any use of a Cybereason Trademark that violates any of the rules described above, including failure to identify a Cybereason Trademark as belonging to Cybereason, Inc., please notify us at Legal@Cybereason.com. If possible, please provide a copy of the article or other medium in which the trademark violation appeared.


Rights to Content and Copyright

All content on any Cybereason website, blog, or podcast (“Cybereason Content”) is subject to protection under applicable copyright laws. You may not use or display Cybereason Content in any manner without Cybereason’s prior written permission, and nothing in these Guidelines should be interpreted as an express or implied license of any copyrights or other intellectual property rights.

In the event you obtain Cybereason’s authorization to use its copyrighted matter, you agree to use such copyright notice as directed by Cybereason. Please direct any questions you have about the right to use Cybereason Content to Legal@Cybereason.com