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Cybereason + Arm: Securing The Core of IoT
Securing IoT

The Deep Sensor Architecture Advantage

Cybereason Endpoint Sensor. Collects data from your Windows and Mac OS X end user environments. Executes response actions to detected incidents, allowing swift containment and eradication of threats.

Cybereason Server Sensor. Monitors your Linux and Windows servers, allowing you to shut down malicious activities on compromised servers.across the entire IT infrastructure. The highly reliable sensor sends data to the Behavioral Intelligence Engine — even when off-network and offline.

Before Cybereason, our EDR solution was causing blue screens and downtime for our users.

-Senior Security Engineer, Global Financial Firm
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Deep Sensor

Why Deep Sensor Architecture

  • No “blue screens." The sensor runs in user mode, and does not conflict with other software or OS operations. The sensor requires minimal integration testing before roll-out and system updates.
  • Uses no more than 5% of memory. The sensor does not consume a significant proportion of endpoint resources.
  • Does not interfere with user tasks. The sensor includes controls to de-prioritize sensor activity to ensure that it does not slow down tasks being executed by the user.

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