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Unified Protection From The Endpoint to Everywhere

The Cybereason Defense Platform moves beyond endless alerting to instead recognize, expose, and end malicious operations before they take hold. The result: Defenders can end attacks in minutes.

Cybereason Defense Platform

AI-Driven Security to Predict, Understand, and End Malicious Operations

Cybereason XDR Platform
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The MalOp™

Create Order From Chaos

Read this infographic to better understand how Cybereason consolidates alerts, generates high-fidelity detections and implements the right amount of automation to make teams maximally effective.

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Outthink, Outpace and End Attacks

The Visibility to Outthink

Cybereason analyzes 9.8PB of threat intelligence weekly to reveal the full attack story from root cause across every affected endpoint and user.

The Speed to Outpace

Cybereason reduces investigation periods by as much as 93% so defenders can eliminate threats in a matter of minutes rather than days.

The Precision to End Attacks

Cybereason provides vastly increased efficiency through a 1:200,000 analyst-to-endpoint ratio and automated or guided single-click remediations.

Key Capabilities

Don’t Chase Alerts, Intercept MalOps
Move beyond alerts to fully contextualized and correlated attack stories in real-time without complex queries and protracted investigations.
Identify and End Attacks Faster
The Cybereason Defense Platform improves detection and response intervals by 93% according to the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report.
Leverage All Your Event Data
Other solutions limit critical data collected because they can’t process or store it, but Cybereason collects and analyzes 100% of event data in real-time.
Automated or One-Click Remediation
Leverage auto-remediation to end threats instantly or remediate with a single click during investigations on any device across the entire network.
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One Agent, One Console, All Endpoints

The Edge Against Evolving Threats

Move beyond the limitations of legacy AV with multi-layered prevention that includes intelligence-based, behavioral, deception, NGAV, and machine learning attack prevention.

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End Attacks Beyond the Endpoint

Comprehensive future-ready attack protection across every device, user identity, application, and cloud deployment.

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End Attacks in Progress

Correlate attack context across all endpoints through a single lightweight agent and real-time reporting that enables your team to end threats before they become breaches.

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On the Frontline of Defense

Augment your security team with Cybereason MDR defenders who proactively threat hunt, monitor for malicious activity, and intercept attacks 24x7x365 to keep your network secure.

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Actionable Threat Intelligence

The Cybereason Nocturnus team consists of world-class threat intelligence analysts across the globe working tirelessly to reveal emerging threats and disrupt malicious operations.

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AI Powered by Layered Machine Learning

The Cybereason Defense Platform is powered by multiple layers of machine learning to uncover zero-day malware and ransomware attacks. When layered together, these complementary algorithms create a stronger defense than generic, narrowly-focused machine learning offered by the competition. We make sense of complex data relationships to surface sophisticated threats.

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