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Cloud Workload Protection

Extend Protection to Cloud Workloads

Cybereason Cloud Workload Protection

Cybereason Workload Protection is a better approach to cloud security. Learn why:

Protect Workloads Everywhere with Minimal Impact
Visibility that Bridges DevOps & SecOps
Deep Detection & Automated Response at Petabyte Scale

Protect Everywhere

On Premises. Public Cloud. Hybrid or Multi-Cloud.

Driven by:

  • Protection at Runtime
  • Kubernetes Integration
  • A Single Sensor Protecting Host & Container
  • Easy Scalability
  • Easy Deployment
  • Customizable Policies
  • Automated Response Actions



A Better Approach to Cloud Security

Protect Workloads Everywhere with Minimal Impact
Organizations today operate in a complex world with data and workloads on-premises, in the public cloud, at the edge, and in hybrid configurations. Cybereason Cloud Workload Protection is designed to protect workloads and containers wherever they reside or move across the infrastructure. This cloud-native solution extends Kubernetes integration and powerful sensors across the environment, providing the most effective threat detection and prevention available. All while reducing performance impact by deploying smart instrumentation across the environment that offers significantly better performance than competitors.
Visibility that Bridges DevOps & SecOps
Traditional silos that exist between SecOps and DevOps teams increase operational friction and decrease response times. Built from the ground up to bridge the gap between DevOps and SecOps teams, Cybereason Cloud Workload Protection is designed to deliver frictionless deployment that automatically updates and scales, improves understanding, and causes minimal impact to consumption costs. Business Context Tagging decreases remediation time and facilitates effective cooperation between DevOps and SecOps teams by ensuring a universal understanding of impacted resources.
Deep Detection & Automated Response at Petabyte Scale
Leveraging AI the Cybereason MalOp Detection Engine transforms petabytes of data every day from the public cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments into visual attack stories that provide a comprehensive view of the threat. Broad visibility across workload telemetry and the Kubernetes control plane provides a complete threat picture in a simple to understand and easy to action platform. Single-click threat remediation actions and unique automatic response rules result in a 93% reduction in time spent to detect and respond.

CWP Capabilities

An Operation Centric Approach to Detection and Response

Powerful tools that give Defenders the edge against an adversary make all the difference in the world. Most solutions rely on an alert-centric approach to security, creating a deluge of piecemeal and unactionable alerts. Cybereason takes an operation-centric approach, where all the disparate pieces of an attack across all cloud and on-premises resources are collated into a single notification—what we call a MalOp™ view, short for malicious operation. Automation and machine learning ensures that all relevant data is collected, processed, and analyzed in real-time so that the details of an attack are delivered as a fully contextualized and correlated insight into the attacker’s holistic malicious operation.

Autonomous Response Actions Prevent Future Attacks

Threats evolve rapidly in cloud workloads making fast and efficient response imperative to avoiding disruptions of mission-critical applications. With Cybereason Cloud Workload Protection, analysts can confidently execute a full suite of remediation actions—from container or host isolation to killing processes—with a single click all from within the MalOp view. Furthermore, Automatic Response Rules enable the resolution of common issues without analyst intervention.

Business Context Tagging Provides a Common Language for DevOps & SecOps

Effective collaboration requires that all parties are working off of the same information. Frequently, security teams refer to resources with different identifiers than those used by DevOps, creating friction and slowing resolution. Business Context Tagging in Cybereason Cloud Workload Protection pulls in the tags the DevOps team has implemented through Kubernetes directly into the view the Security team uses. Ensuring a common understanding of impacted resources accelerates response. 


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