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Cybereason + Arm: Securing The Core of IoT
Securing IoT

The Cybereason

Connect the dots. Correlate and gain insight into behaviors across the entire enterprise to accurately detect and block attacks.

Single screen. Understand, investigate, and respond to the threat within a single management interface.

Streamlined response. Immediately neutralize and eradicate the threat with single-click remediation.


Breadth across your entire enterprise

See activity from across your environment, from inside your data center to remote laptops that rarely connect to your network.

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Full Theater

The Full Theater View

  • Malicious Operation Visualizer. Showcases the the attack's scope, timeline of what happened, and picture of the evolving situation.
  • Investigation Workbench. Allows you to pivot across affected users, network connections, machines and processes to track the attacker’s activities, tools and techniques.
  • Single-Click Guided Remediator. Automates the process of containing and eradicating threats, allowing you to take actions like killing processes, quarantining files, and deleting registry keys.
  • Attack Blocker. Stops threats from causing damage to your business by automatically blocking process execution and preventing network communication.

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