Stop known and emerging threats with the industry-leading NGAV that is proven to prevent ransomware and malware, is resistant to evasion and simple to deploy.

Cybereason Professional delivers

Predictive Machine Learning
Leverage the predictive power of machine learning to automatically prevent never-before-seen and polymorphic malware before they execute.
Memory Exploit Prevention
Cybereason blocks attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in commonly used software and prevents file exploitations in the OS and memory layers.
Ransomware Detection Techniques
Cybereason deception techniques reliably block ransomware including unknown variants, fileless and MBR-based ransomware.
Behavioral Threat Convictions
Cybereason ends fileless attacks that use PowerShell or exploit .NET vulnerabilities by leveraging deep visibility and behavioral analytics.

Cybereason Package Includes:

Cybereason Professional

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Cybereason NGAV

Multi-layered prevention that includes intelligence-based, behavioral, NGAV and Machine Learning attack prevention.

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Endpoint Controls

Cover security requirements and address compliance needs with granular endpoint controls.

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