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Revealing cyber attacks in real time

Detect. Visualize. Terminate.

Malops Detection

Visualizing the whole story

Malops are malicious operations that are parts of a larger cyber attack. They represent discrete steps, from penetration to damage, with intermediate objectives - all aimed at the overall endgame operation. Detecting the attackers' actions and intent before they reach their goal is the only way to stop cybercrime.

Stopping Cybercrime

Malops: From Penetration to Damage


Penetrating a network and compromising a single machine is not the attack, it's just the setup attackers use for executing their real agenda

Command & Control

Once inside the network, attackers need to remotely control the operation and get data in and out of the organization


Attackers probe the network to gather intelligence and determine the best path for the next stage of the operation


Depending on intent, a spreading attack may propagate in minutes or stay dormant and stealthy for months before re-emerging


Once the attackers are able to reach their target without detection, they can exfiltrate invaluable data and cause considerable damage

Cybereason Platform

Detect. Visualize. Terminate.

Analytics & Machine Learning

The Cybereason automated platform collects subtle clues by learning to discern anomalies and distinguish between the benign and pernicious. This data is then analyzed using Big data algorithms and proprietary knowledge enriched with external intelligence.


With visual reconstruction of cyber attacks, Cybereason allows both experienced and novice forensic analysts understand the context of the attack and respond effectively. CISOs and analysts gain visibility and knowledge to terminate Malops before the damage is done.

Guided Investigation

Equipped with the knowledge and context of the detected Malops, guided investigations are provided so analysts can gain deeper insights into the nature and scope of the attack.

Choose Your Perspective

Expand your awareness

CISO Perspective

Understand. Communicate. Protect.

How did hackers manage to penetrate almost every Fortune 500 Company?

Combating such well designed attacks requires a new approach. One that focuses on actions and intent - not malware or adversaries - by studying the intricate design and principle techniques used in malicious operations.


  • Get answers to the question - 'Are we under attack?'
  • Determine the impact of threats and plan appropriate action


  • Illustrate the danger a threat poses to business with supporting evidence
  • Visually share the timeline, impact and technical nature of a threat


  • Gain new insights into an ongoing hacking operation
  • Terminate a threat using precise automated or manual response options

Analyst Perspective

Detect. Investigate. Respond.

Why did Flame go undetected for five years?

Focusing on penetration or malware is akin to watching the entry way and having no visibility inside the building. Detecting the attackers' actions and intent is the only way to stop cybercrime


  • Gain visibility into security and behavioral profiles of machines and users
  • Receive alerts about malicious operations and gain insights into its spread, impact and behavior


  • Zoom into the next level of understanding through a guided investigation progress
  • Sift through data on connected resources to understand the scope of an attack


  • Isolate users, machines or a subnet to thwart an ongoing attack
  • Implement changes to reduce risk based on your organization's security profile