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Revealing Cyber Attacks in Real Time

Immediate Detection. Long-Term Protection

Cybereason offers a real-time attack detection and response platform that uses
endpoint data to detect and remediate simple and complex threats.


Real-Time Detection

Detect, analyze and respond to advanced attack campaigns directed at your organization


Streamlined Investigation

Get detailed context for incident
investigation and response


Security Team Empowerment

Make best use of limited security
resources and expertise

Penetration is Inevitable.
Will You Detect it in Time?


  • Lockheed Martin Logo“Cybereason’s market leading endpoint threat detection and response capabilities complement our cyber security offerings, providing customers a best of breed EDR solution.”
    Angie Heise – VP Commercial Cyber 

  • Softbank“Our deployment of the Cybereason platform internally gave us first-hand knowledge of the value it provides, and led to our decision to invest.”
    Ken Miyauchi – President & CEO of SoftBank Corp.


Cybereason and SoftBank Form a Joint Venture

Delivering Cybereason’s Platform and Services to Japan


Security team

Rip up the script when assembling a modern security team

Lior Div’s latest Network World blog post discusses the critical perspectives security teams need in today’s advanced threat landscape: Organizations have to rethink what components are key to a security team if they hope to stay ahead of attackers. The advanced threats companies face require security teams have different characteristics than the backgrounds analysts typically have. […]

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Insider knowledge: A defender’s greatest advantage against attackers

One of the most critical skills information security teams can have is the ability to proactively find threats in their environment – a process known as hunting. Great hunting is the combination of deep knowledge about your environment with the ability to understand the details of changes that are taking place in your environment in real-time. […]


Turn to behavioral analysis to combat the influx of ransomware

Although we’re only four months into the new year, 2016 is shaping up to be the year of ransomware. In March, the first ransomware targeting Macs, KeRanger, was discovered. Meanwhile, the health-care industry has been struggling with how to prevent ransomware infections. So far, at least three hospitals have suffered major ransomware attacks that left […]


Lior Div’s post in Network World: What terrorism investigations can teach us about investigating cyber attacks

Having a military background, I tend to look at all security issues with the perspective of someone who’s served in the armed forces. That means using a thorough investigation process that doesn’t treat any action as accidental or an attack as a stand-alone incident and looking for links between seemingly unconnected events. This method is […]

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    Cybereason and SoftBank Launch a Joint Venture in Japan

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