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Revealing Cyber Attacks in Real Time
Detection of complex hacking operations is a job for a hunter: identifying traces of malicious activity in the network, distinguishing between true and false evidence, and connecting the dots to reveal the attack in full.While most security teams still rely on a human cyber-hunter, Cybereason automates detection and response, providing: + Read More

Automated Hunting

Real time, continuous and automated hunting of the adversary.

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Fast Investigation

Streamlined and centralized investigation.

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Security Team Empowerment

Empowerment of less experienced analysts to take an active part in cyber defense.

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Penetration is Inevitable.
Will You Detect it in Time?


  • Lockheed Martin Logo“We plan to use Cybereason internally to help protect our own systems as well as resell the platform in order to expand the security solutions Lockheed offers to its clients.”
    Rich Mahler – Director of Commercial Cybersecurity

  • docoSign_logo“Cybereason is all about user-friendliness. From easy endpoint installation and sensor stability to the usability of their investigation console, they make a security tool that helps us protect our customers and our company.”
    Vanessa Pegueros – Deputy CISO

  • Softbank“Our deployment of the Cybereason platform internally gave us first-hand knowledge of the value it provides, and led to our decision to invest.”
    Ken Miyauchi – President & CEO of SoftBank Corp.


The Untold Secrets for Fighting APTs

Live Webinar with Lockheed Martin

Thursday, February 11 | 2:00pm ET



Understanding malicious intent requires a good translator

Doing information security, and doing it well, is a tough task, and not only because of the variety and complexity of the various technologies we rely on. The inherent limitations that prevent technology from making decisions autonomously pose some of the largest challenges. The problems our profession will face in the future are complicated and multifaceted, and […]

You Will Be Breached (4)

APT’s will force CISO leaders to “grow-or-go”

It seems to be generally accepted that Advanced Persistent Threats caught the business community off guard, although we did see them coming – the TJX and Heartland breaches made headlines prior to 2010. Fast-forward to 2016, data is currency –for cyber criminals, it’s seemingly good as gold. One out of four organizations were targeted by […]


NSA: Hackers use persistence, not zero days, to breach companies

Don’t underestimate the threat posed by persistent attackers. Adversaries that study a company’s network and know its weak spots could cause damage without relying on a zero-day vulnerability. Businesses often believe that nation-state hackers prefer using zero-day exploits in their attacks. However, there are many other vectors that have a longer shelf life and offer attackers […]

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Security’s dual hiring challenges impede companies in the fight against APTs

The security industry faces two staffing shortages that hinder an organization’s ability to combat advanced persistent threats (APTs). To start, there’s a lack of skilled security professionals, a well-known issue and that has been documented by various industry groups, including ISACA, which found that 86% of companies can’t find the right talent. Making the hiring […]

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