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Cyber Attacks in Real Time

Real Time Detection. Faster Response.

Cybereason is the only solution to detect, in real-time, both known and unknown attacks and connect isolated indicators of compromise to form a complete, contextual attack story. Cybereason automatically reveals the attack TRACE elements: Timeline, Root cause, Adversary Activity, Communication and affected Endpoints and Users, to enable accurate and effective response.
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Frictionless Endpoint

Gain comprehensive visibility and control over endpoints with non-intrusive deployment.

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Automated Tracking of

Detect known and unknown threats. Reveal the complete attack’s story.

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Enhanced Investigation and Effective Response

Receive context to effectively investigate incidents, significantly reducing response time.

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Penetration is Inevitable.
Will You Detect it in Time?

Connecting the Dots. In Real Time.

Root Cause
Adversarial Activity
Endpoints And Users


  • “In security, clarity is critical. Cybereason has a phenomenal interface! It detects and provides a clear picture of the attack so security teams have the visibility along with a broad array of investigative abilities. This makes it easy to communicate the situation to peers and management greatly accelerating decision making”
    Managing Director, Information Protection Group, Big 4 Consulting Firm

  • “The Cybereason team has a rare combination of knowledge, skills and imagination. This team builds the future of cyber-security”
    John McMahon – Entrepreneur, Sales Guru, Advisor and Board Member

  • docoSign_logo“Cybereason is all about user-friendliness. From easy endpoint installation and sensor stability to the usability of their investigation console, they make a security tool that helps us protect our customers and our company.”
    Vanessa Pegueros – Deputy CISO

  • isracard_logo“With Cybereason, I can detect things that I could not see in any of my other security tools. It is the only tool that is not noisy and instead provides the full scope of an attack.”
    Boris Kogan – Head of Security

About Our Team

Lior Div

CEO and Co-Founder

Lior was a team commander in an elite cyber-security unit of the IDF, where he received a medal of honor for his achievements. Lior founded a cyber security service company working with an Israeli government agency.

Yonatan Striem-Amit

CTO and Co-Founder

Yonatan is a machine learning, big data analytics and visualization technology expert, with a broad experience of years of applying analytics to security in the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Governmental Agencies.

Yossi Naar

CVO and Co-Founder

An accomplished software architect who has designed and implemented security platforms for the defense industry and the private sector.


Founded in 2012 by a team of ex-military cybersecurity experts, Cybereason is designed to detect complex cyber attacks and address the gap between detection and response.

What We Blog About


ZDNet: Cybereason recognized as a reason to watch and learn from real-time cyber attacks

After speaking with Lior Div, Cybereason CEO & Co-founder, ZDNet shares some notes from the interview. ZDNet’s article, ‘Cybereason: A reason to watch and learn from real-time cyber attacks‘ shares information about Div’s background and how Cybereason came to be. Div explains that Cybereason Endpoint Detection and Response Platform was built to empower security teams […]

Business person having an idea light bulb concept

Adopt a Post-breach Mentality (don’t just protect, DETECT!)

In light of 2014’s mega breaches, it is clear that even the best protected organizations are susceptible; we have seen that hackers can reside in a network for months and even years before their activity is detected. As hacker techniques have evolved passed many traditional protection and detection methods, it is time for organizations to shift their […]

InfoSec metrics measurements Cybereason

Metrics that Matter: New Measurements of IT-Security Program Effectiveness

Security metrics are crucial for any security program, especially when security budgets are being discussed. Proving the ROI of security tools and the deliverable of security talent is sometimes challenging and often put CISOs leaders in tough discussions. As traditional IT-Security workflows and processes evolve to better serve the growing security needs, new metrics are increasingly adopted […]

securing money

Three Realizations in light of the Great Bank Hacking

The front-page New York Times story about an organized gang of cyber criminals pulling off “one of the largest bank heists ever” brings us to some important realizations: 1. Hackers always find a way in Often we find that the attack starts by compromising user credentials. In this case, a spear phishing mail was used to gain access to the internal […]

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  • The Sorry State of #APT #Defense: 6 #Security Flaws
  • Our own @0xAmit featured on @SCMagazine discussing #IoT #Security
  • "it also clearer than ever that identifying the source of a #breach is almost impossible. " #APT
  • The Sorry State of #APT #Defense: 6 #Security Flaws
  • The Sorry State of #APT #Defense: 6 #Security Flaws
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