New Cybereason Government Subsidiary Empowers U.S. Agencies to Detect Malicious Operations Faster

Cybereason is excited to announce  the creation of a U.S. Government subsidiary, Cybereason Government Inc., dedicated to prevention, detection and response to malicious operations targeting U.S. Government agencies.

Cybereason is committed to supporting government defenders by providing multi-layered protection for continuous monitoring, proactive threat hunting, automated containment and remediation, and immediate incident response capabilities. 

“The mission-critical security requirements for government agencies can vary significantly, as do the specific requirements for the delivery of those solutions and services, which is why the Cybereason Defense Platform is an ideal solution to meet the diverse range of requirements across the government,” said Lior Div, CEO and co-founder of Cybereason. 

“The proactive Cybereason approach to prevention and active threat hunting for early detection means that government security teams can shift their limited resources away from lengthy investigations to focus more closely on further maturing their security operations.”

The announcement follows an Executive Order issued in May which specifies that all Federal Agencies “deploy an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)” solution. The directive speaks to the tremendous value Cybereason EDR delivers through early detection of unknown threats based on chains of potentially malicious behavior--an approach that produces an industry-leading 1:200,000 analyst-to-endpoint ratio to provide a true force-multiplier for resource-constrained federal agencies. 

The efficacy of this operation-centric approach was recently validated by a superior performance in the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations where Cybereason delivered 100 percent prevention coverage for Windows and Linux-based threats, as well as unparalleled visibility and detections across the 54 advanced attack techniques applied in testing.

The comprehensive visibility of the Cybereason Defense Platform and the ability to quickly understand the entire malicious operation from root cause kept Cybereason customers safe from the SolarWinds and HAFNIUM attacks as well as being 100 percent effective in preventing ransomware attacks. Cybereason EDR supports all major operating systems including current and legacy versions that are still in use across many government agencies.

Delivered as a SaaS model or via options designed for private or hybrid cloud deployments as well as critical on-premises and air-gapped networks, Cybereason EDR fits the requirements of government agencies. The subsidiary is moving aggressively to make it easy for government agencies to acquire its innovative solutions. This includes adding its solutions to government wide acquisition contracts, attaining FedRAMP authorization for its cloud products, and seeking security certification and accreditation for its on-premises solutions.

Cybereason support for the government is championed by new Regional Vice President for the business unit, Nate Russ who will work alongside Cybereason CSO and subsidiary President Sam Curry and a team of advisors that includes former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Obama administration General Joseph Dunford (ret.), former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and security industry leaders, Dave DeWalt, David Kris, Patrick Ennis, Peter Sherlock, Bob Bigman and Ari Schwartz.

The Cybereason co-managed partner Coalfire, a leading cybersecurity and compliance advisor, is assisting the company in attaining FedRAMP authorization for our cloud products, and assisting Cybereason as it seeks security certification and accreditation for its on-premises solutions.

The Cybereason Advantage

The best strategy for organizations is to prevent an attack from being successful in the first place. To do that, they need to invest in a multi-layered solution that will detect and prevent a ransomware attack at the earliest stages of initial ingress.

The Cybereason operation-centric approach provides the ability to detect complex attacks earlier based on rare or advantageous chains of malicious behavior. This is why Cybereason is undefeated in the battle against ransomware and delivers the best prevention, detection and response capabilities on the market.

Cybereason is dedicated to teaming with defenders in both the public and private sectors to end cyber attacks from endpoints to the enterprise to everywhere. Learn more about the Cybereason Government advantage here or schedule a demo today to learn how your organization can benefit from an operation-centric approach to security.

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Cybereason is dedicated to partnering with Defenders to end attacks at the endpoint, in the cloud and across the entire enterprise ecosystem. Only the AI-driven Cybereason XDR Platform provides predictive prevention, detection and response that is undefeated against modern ransomware and advanced attack techniques. The Cybereason MalOp™ instantly delivers context-rich attack intelligence across every affected device, user and system with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Cybereason turns threat data into actionable decisions at the speed of business.

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