Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads: A New Approach to Cloud Security

The modern data-driven economy has accelerated the adoption of cloud computing. In fact, analysts predict there will be more than 100 zettabytes (a billion terabytes) of data stored in the cloud by 2024. 

As the volume of data and workloads grow across the cloud, so does the attack surface that needs to be protected from malicious actors. Highly sophisticated attackers are increasingly taking advantage of the vulnerabilities and blind spots introduced by the expanding attack surface in the cloud.

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Today, Cybereason introduced a new approach to protecting cloud workloads at runtime. Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads is designed to protect workloads and containers wherever they reside or move across the infrastructure. This cloud-native solution extends Kubernetes integration and powerful sensors across the environment, providing the most effective threat detection and prevention available. 

Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads secures cloud workloads, containers and hosts at unmatched speed and planetary scale. Gaining visibility into the entire threat picture across the whole enterprise to include the cloud is the key to detecting potentially malicious cloud workload and container activity:


Key Benefits of Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads:

  • Protect Workloads Everywhere with Minimal Impact: Organizations today operate in a complex world with data and workloads on-premises, in the public cloud, at the edge, and in hybrid configurations. Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads provides the only cloud-native offering that secures workloads at runtime in every infrastructure environment, while offering the best performance in the market.
  • Visibility That Bridges DevOps and SecOps: Traditional silos that exist between SecOps and DevOps teams increase operational friction and decrease response times. Built from the ground up to bridge the gap between DevOps and SecOps teams, Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads is designed to deliver frictionless deployment that automatically updates and scales, improves understanding, and causes minimal impact to consumption costs. Business Context Tagging decreases remediation time and facilitates effective cooperation between DevOps and SecOps teams by ensuring a universal understanding of impacted resources.
  • Deep Detection & Automated Response at Petabyte Scale: Leveraging AI, the Cybereason MalOp Detection Engine transforms petabytes of data every day from the public cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments into visual attack stories that provide a comprehensive view of the threat. Broad visibility across workload telemetry and the Kubernetes control plane provides a complete threat picture in a simple to understand and easy to action platform. Single-click threat remediation actions and unique automatic response rules result in a 93% reduction in time spent to detect and respond. 

Empowering Defenders with the best tools to extend their XDR protection across the entire enterprise to include cloud and cloud workloads is more critical than ever. Cybereason XDR for Cloud Workloads is designed to put another powerful tool in the toolbelt of Defenders and give them the edge against malicious attackers.

Cybereason is dedicated to teaming with defenders to end attacks on the endpoint, across enterprise, to everywhere the battle is taking place. Learn more about Cybereason AI-driven  XDR here or schedule a demo today to learn how your organization can benefit from an operation-centric approach to security.

Cody Queen
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Cody Queen

Cody Queen is a Product Marketing Manager at Cybereason leading the go-to-market strategy for NGAV, endpoint protection and cloud workload security solutions. Before joining Cybereason, Cody led and supported product launches for Dell Technologies in their APEX Cloud and security business, primarily around managed data center services. He also brings over 10 years of experience in the public sector planning for, managing and responding to security threats against the United States.

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