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Some animals, like crabs, molt and shed their hard exoskeleton as they grow before developing a new, hard shell. In many ways, the move to radical work-from-home policies is leading to a mass molting as people, processes and applications that have always stayed within the corporate perimeter are forced en masse outside the shell. Like the animals in our metaphor, it will take time for a new, hard exterior to form. 

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Unfortunately, the predators, in this case hackers, know this is happening. This calls for diligence in many domains, some traditional and some novel. However, three things are critical. 

  1. Prevention: Organizations need solid prevention in place on all the new devices and home systems that are now being converted to corporate endpoints. This demands a strong, robust endpoint protection platform.
  2. Detection and Response: Businesses should adopt a lean-in detection strategy -- no matter what the starting vector, advanced attacks start a lengthy kill chain from initial compromise to material breach. This demands real, scalable, world-class endpoint detection and response.
  3. Scalable Security: Lastly, as the number of endpoints grow, organizations need to be able to scale and handle volume. As the predators circle, they will distract, drive noise-to-signal ratios and seek to confound overwhelmed staff in a time of change where behavioral baselines are being recalculated. This means that managed detection and response that augments your analysts and IT staff seamlessly is essential.

With these three top of mind, today we are launching a new offering, Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection. Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection is built to help organizations secure their new, evolving-everywhere office, and to ease the burden on IT and security teams. 

Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection combines Cybereason NGAV multi-layered prevention, EDR analysis and response, with Cybereason MDR to manage it all for you, and remote incident response services across workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. 

We know budgets and approvals are tight, so we have made this as easy as possible for your team. You can initiate deployment in 24 hours, on a flexible rate and three-month offering for fast, managed protection for remote employees. No fine print, no strings attached.