EDR Buyer’s Guide: Microsoft E5 Licenses and Security Risks

There is no shortage of options for security teams undergoing an evaluation of EDR and EPP solutions currently available to the market. With roughly 30 serious vendors focused specifically on EDR and EPP, the differences between them are vast with unique approaches and capabilities delivered by each.

Capture-Oct-26-2021-02-52-04-01-PMThe endpoint layer is arguably the most critical layer to secure in enterprise defenses, and EDR technology is ultimately the failsafe component responsible for avoiding a data breach. 

It is unwise to cut corners in the implementation of security for this most vital layer of defense.

A conversation many teams eventually have when evaluating EPP and EDR is whether Microsoft is a viable option.

Activating Microsoft Defender through an E5 license is often a financial decision, not a security risk decision - an attempt at stretching a less-than-ideal budget allotment in consolidating for a bundled deal.

In a rapidly evolving threat landscape with higher stakes than ever, good enough security just isn’t good enough. Defenders require unwavering excellence and focus from their vendors, and to be equipped with the tools and expertise to confidently defeat cyber attacks.


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