Ransomware Decoded: Preventing Modern Ransomware Attacks

April 19, 2021 | 1 minute read

Many types of malware silently persist on the network, move laterally, communicate with their C2, or obfuscate their behaviors to prevent detection. In contrast to this, traditional ransomware was all about coming in with a big splash and causing immediate damage.

The goal was to get on the machine and ransom data, and that was it. The sooner the malware could encrypt files, the less risky the attack, and the more likely the attacker would make money.
This focused, singular objective resulted in a lot of simple, quick, and sometimes ugly malware.


Capture (2)Much of Cybereason’s early research into ransomware shows just that: while some were very sophisticated, others were quite crude.

However, this does not stop the ransomware from being effective; in fact, quickly developing crude ransomware and spamming unsuspecting users continues to be a very cost-effective attack vector.

Because ransomware operates so differently than other types of malware, it can be challenging to detect. Combined with obfuscation techniques and vulnerabilities that allow remote code execution, ransomware is able to evade legacy prevention solutions to achieve its goal.

Next-gen ransomware has evolved to better evade standard defenses and targeted attacks stand a high chance of success against underprepared environments, making a behavior-based approach to prevention, detection, and response required for success.

Read the full whitepaper to understand how to deploy fearless ransomware protection to detect the preliminary stages of a ransomware attack, fully analyze the scope and scale of the operation, and prevent the execution of the malicious ransomware payload to mitigate future cyber risk.


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