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Detecting the Unknown: Protecting Against DGA-Based Malware

Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA)-based malware, like GameOver Zeus and CryptoLocker botnets, introduces a massive threat, not only because of the vast financial implications they impose, but also because of how difficult they are to detect. Even the FBI's efforts to stop a DGA-based operation were ineffective, as was lately discussed in a post by Lotem Guy.

In order to make a stand against complex malware, like DGA-based malware, there is a need to employ new dynamic detection approaches.

Our latest eBook offers a new approach for the detection of attacks employing Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) techniques. Download the eBook to learn:

  • How Domain Generation Algorithm is used to avoid detection
  • An analysis of current techniques used to combat DGA-based malware and their limitations
  • A new endpoint-based approach for effective detection of DGA-based attacks