Cybereason’s Commitment to Inclusion in Cybersecurity

We are currently living through the one of the largest worldwide social justice movements in history. While discussions about racial injustice are focused on the United States and the Black Lives Matter movement, issues of equity and inclusion affect people worldwide, from our employees to our global customer community. With a mission to protect people and information in an open and connected world, we believe we must do what we can to create a welcoming environment for all defenders.

To assure we are fostering an inclusive environment for those we serve, Cybereason has removed the terms “blacklist” and “whitelist” from our platform and documentation. Promoting the terms “blocklist” and “allowlist” is just one small action we can take to begin to address systemic issues within cybersecurity that rely on antiquated ideas. Not only are these terms more accurate technically, they also remove incidental reminders of differences among us.

We are also following this change with internal, local, and broader efforts to support inclusion in technology. 

Cybereason is focusing internal efforts on one of our Company values we call “UbU” which strives to embrace and encourage employees who exemplify our Company's commitment to diversity in all its forms. A UbU campaign announced by Lior Div earlier this year creates an initiative for internal education and discussion around inequality, bias, and racism.

Additionally, through the Mass Technology Leadership Council, we joined forces with over 60 companies to sign the Tech Compact for Social Justice. By publicly committing to diversity and inclusion efforts with local startups and established technology leaders, we hope to amplify our work with that of our peers.

We are also working with our cybersecurity peers globally to influence policy efforts promoting inclusive language as a standard. We are at the beginning of a journey towards a more equitable and inclusive future in cybersecurity and hope you will join us.

Lodrina Cherne
About the Author

Lodrina Cherne

Lodrina is the Principal Security Advocate at Cybereason, working to advance security policy and standards. She also performs research with the Technology and Social Change Research Project in the Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School.

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