Cybereason Insights: Five Emerging Threats that Enterprise Security Must Not Ignore

Cybereason is deployed on 1 million endpoints globally, giving our security researchers ample data to delve into and determine what threats companies are facing. After reviewing endpoint data from the last six months, we've identified five emerging threats that companies can't avoid. Some of them, like ransomware and advanced persistent threats, are probably already known to security analysts. However, in the first half of this year we've seen a major increase in attackers using these threats. Ransomware in particular is a major concern to our customers, which is why we've added ransomware detection and blocking to Cybereason.

Other threats, like the increase of attacks targeting Mac OS X and fileless malware attacks, may not be on the radars of security professionals. There's a perception that OS X is immune to threats, but Apple's increasing market share gives hackers an incentive to attack Macs. Meanwhile, traditional security programs don't detect fileless malware attacks since these threats use tools built-in to an OS, like Windows Management Instrumentation, against the computer. With hackers becoming increasingly savvy in how they infiltrate a company, behavioral analysis and machine learning can help organizations detect these attacks.

Israel Barak is Cybereason's CISO.

Israel Barak
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Israel Barak

Israel Barak, Chief Information Security Officer at Cybereason, is a cyber defense and warfare expert with a background developing cyber warfare infrastructure and proprietary technologies, including that of proprietary cryptographic solutions, research and analysis of security vulnerabilities. Israel has spent years training new personnel, providing in-depth expertise related to cyber warfare and security, threat actor’s tactics and procedures. As Cybereason’s CISO, Israel is at the forefront of the company’s security innovation, research and analysis of advanced threats.

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