‘AA’ Rated Advanced Endpoint Protection

Cybereason is proud to announce the Cybereason Defense Platform has achieved the ‘AA’ product rating in NSS Labs, Inc 2020 Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) testing!

This is an achievement everyone at Cybereason is proud of as we have worked hard to build out the necessary capabilities to protect customers from all types of attacks regardless of industry or level of security sophistication.  Because of these efforts, we now have a way to independently showcase to the security industry and our customers that we are here to help prevent and detect ALL forms of malicious activity, both known and unknown, from causing damage within their environments.

The objective test results from the NSS Labs AEP report clearly show how the Cybereason Defense Platform was able to achieve high ratings in several categories that matter most to help protect today’s enterprise.  These include the following categories and tactics employed by cyber attackers:

  • Resistance to Evasion (AAA) - The Cybereason Defense Platform blocked 100% of the 49 different evasive tests that were applied. This is important as threat actors apply evasion techniques to disguise and modify attacks at the point of delivery in order to avoid detection by security products.
  • Malware Delivered over Email (AA) - The Cybereason Defense Platform blocked 99.9 % of the 1,531 malicious emails sent during the test. Criminal actors have turned to social engineering to successfully breach enterprises through spear phishing, hijacked email accounts and other deception techniques.
  • Malware Delivered over HTTP (AA) - The Cybereason Defense Platform blocked 98.3 % of 424 attacks using websites to deliver malware. Hackers oftentimes hijack widely-used websites to carry out malware attacks.
  • Tuning and False Positives (AA) - The Cybereason Defense Platform was tested against a varied sample of legitimate application traffic that might be identified as false positives. Cybereason flagged less than 1% of the 645 samples, that included but wasn’t limited to the following file formats, exe, jar, pdf, doc, docx, zip and xls.
  • Drive-by Exploits (AA) - The Cybereason Defense Platform blocked 98% of the 256 drive-by exploits. A popular infection technique used by criminal actors is to exploit a user that visits a particular website and installs the exploit onto the users computer.

It must be noted that for today’s enterprise it is imperative to have an endpoint protection platform that provides a high level of protection given the current conditions we all must operate under. It is now a fact that much of our work and home lives are now one in the same given the sheer number of people who are now working remotely. It is even more important for enterprises to be able to protect their remote employees and systems from malicious activity where the endpoint is often the first and last line of defense.  

In today’s world of fast-paced and seemingly endless threats leveraged by malicious actors, it is important to note not all endpoint protection platforms are created equal.  You need endpoint protection that can help protect you from both the known and unknown in the world of cyber attacks.  I encourage you to use the latest round of the NSS Labs 2020 AEP testing results to determine if you are using an endpoint protection solution that best protects your enterprise.

Be sure to inquire with your current endpoint security provider where they stand and what their latest Advanced Endpoint Results show so you can conduct a true comparison and pick the vendor who is able to provide a complete endpoint protection platform, from prevention all the way to automated detection and response.

Please check out the latest Advanced Endpoint Protection test results from NSS Labs for the Cybereason Defense Platform.

Rueben Rodriguez
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