308% ROI by Using Cybereason, According to Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

As a security professional, it goes without saying protecting your organization from cyber threats is job #1. This is especially true in today’s connected digital world where attackers are continually looking for ways to exploit your employees and systems. You need a security solution that can keep pace with the changing methods leveraged by attackers, all while trying to maintain costs, as budgets for security solutions and people are not unlimited

How does one go about determining both the benefits as well as cost savings of potential security solutions?  There are a lot of ideas that try to quantify the benefits of a cyber security solution; many of them are geared toward a single viewpoint and that leave you wondering if the information being provided is for your benefit or for the vendor who is providing it. This is why Cybereason recently commissioned a Forrester Consulting Study, The Total Economic Impact (TEI) of Cybereason. We always look to independent analysis in order to better understand the benefits our customers are able to realize when they deploy the Cybereason Defense Platform.

Forrester’s TEI Study Approach

Based upon interviews of five existing customers from different industries and of varying sizes, Forrester was able to identify key challenges customers face when trying to protect their endpoints from cyber attacks. As noted by customers, before implementing Cybereason “Our biggest concern was visibility, especially against advanced threat types”, said the CISO of an Industrial Manufacturing Company and another customer said  “We were all over the place. We suffered from lack of forensics, lack of response, and lack of a consolidated platform. We would have users sitting right next to each other being managed by different solutions and different groups.” - Information Security Engineer, Biotechnology

As result of the in-depth interviews, Forrester constructed a TEI framework, a composite company, and an associated ROI analysis to illustrate the benefits of the Cybereason Defense Platform. The composite organization is representative of the five companies that Forrester interviewed and is represented as an US organization with offices around the globe with a total of 7,500 employees. Across those employees, there are a total of over 9,000 endpoints, growing to over 10,000 endpoints by year 3 of the study.


As highlighted by the financial analysis within the Forrester TEI study, here are some of the key benefits customers experience by leveraging the Cybereason Defense Platform: 

  • 308% Return On Investment
  • Better visibility into their endpoints and overall threat landscape, improving their security posture
  • Improvement in the efficiency to detect and respond to threats by 93%
  • Dramatically reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity breach
  • $3.6 million in savings from avoided potential cybersecurity threats
  • Reduce the time needed to manage the security platform by 75% 
  • Avoid expensive future security analyst hires, resulting in savings of more than $288,000 
  • Total benefits of deploying Cybereason Defense Platform over three years of $4.2M

According to an Information Security Engineer at a biotech company  “I would say our reaction time has increased a lot per event with Cybereason. And that has allowed us to mitigate a lot of potential future issues. It allows us to get the root cause quicker and figure out if an alert is due to a malicious file download or something like that – Cybereason makes it easier to pinpoint that. Then we can then analyze it and block future attempts.” 

If you're looking for a deeper dive on the benefits found in the Forrester TEI study, please join us for a live webinar on June 24th at 11:00 am (EDT) | 4:00 pm (BST) to learn how you can take advantage of key capabilities and features within the Cybereason Defense Platform.


The Forrester TEI Study clearly outlines what customers have experienced once they have deployed the Cybereason Defense Platform. Customers say they are able to better protect themselves from an evolving threat landscape which has helped them dramatically reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity breach reducing their exposure to the costs associated with a potential breach by $3.6M. Customers are also able to realize significant efficiencies in terms of costs tied to the time needed to detect and respond and the time needed to manage the security platform. A significant advantage to using the Cybereason Defense Platform is how customers are able to realize reduced security costs by avoiding the need to hire at least 1.5 additional L3 security analysts per year by the 3rd year of usage.

Cybereason is proud to help customers address the most advanced types of cyber attacks with more visibility into their environments in ways customers didn’t even know existed prior; as noted by one of our customers, Without Cybereason, we would not be able to have the visibility into our risk that we have now.”  With Cybereason, customers are able to protect themselves from cyber threats that are both known and unknown, minimize their overall security risks, all while reducing their overall security costs by $4.2M and attaining a ROI of 308% over three years!

Please check out the full Total Economic Impact Study to learn more or contact us today.

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