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Dramatically Reduce Likelihood of a Cybersecurity Breach.

Reduce time to detect & respond to threats by 93%.

Cybereason commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study* to quantify the benefits customers are able to experience by protecting their environment with the Cybereason Defense Platform:

308% ROI while reducing the likelihood of a Cybersecurity breach.

93% efficiency improvement in detection and response to threats.

Assess, prioritize, and respond to threats faster, resulting in a three-year benefit of nearly $185,000.

Deploy a single lightweight agent that is managed from one console, resulting in a savings of nearly $133,000 over three years.

Avoid expensive future security analyst hires, resulting in savings of more than $288,000 over three years.

* A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Cybereason.

get The forrester tei study

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Time reduced to detect and respond to a threat by 93%

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308% ROI with Cybereason

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Reduced cost to management security platform by 75%

Now, with Cybereason, when a Malop (Malicious Operation) is triggered, I can go and get very, very deep into what was going on at the time, what are the child processes, parent processes, open files, all the rest of the technical information. I would have otherwise had no way of being able to see this.


Cybereason customers are able to protect themselves from potential costs of $3.6M due to a breach.


Cybereason further minimizes security costs as the security management burden to customer security teams is reduced by 75% with a single agent and single console deployment.


Reduce security costs by avoiding the need to hire at least 1.5 additional L3 security analysts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Evaluation conducted?

Forrester Consulting independently interviewed multiple customers from various industries in order to conduct a thorough analysis and create a financial model that is able to represent a composite Cybereason customer.

What will I get from reading the report?

By downloading the report you will be able to understand how Forrester Consulting calculated the benefits and costs customers are able to realize when they deploy the Cybereason Defense Platform to protect their enterprise from cyber threats.