What are MalOps?

No matter how well an organization is secured, it will eventually be breached.

Network penetration is immediate: It only takes minutes for the hackers to penetrate the network. And one compromised account is all it takes for a bad actor to gain an initial foothold. But once they are in, it can take weeks or even months before the damage is done. After network penetration occurs, the adversary will work to gain more control by learning the network’s structure and identifying the defender’s weaknesses. The attacker purposely moves slowly, employing various techniques to deceive the defender, evade detection, persist in the network, and reach the operation’s end goal.

This is the malicious operation, or the MalOp: It is the time frame and the set of actions taken by the hackers from the minute of network penetration until achieving their operational goals.

For security defenders, it is the ideal time frame to intercept an attack.

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Lital Asher-Dotan
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