The Advantages of Endpoint Data

When it comes to protecting against advanced threats, we're all about endpoints (and servers too). The reason is simple: endpoints are at the heart of every modern cyber attack.

Hackers commonly use endpoints as an entry point for an attack since they're vulnerable by nature, being connected to users. And since endpoints are linked to each other, this allows hackers to laterally move across other machines in the organization they're attacking.

Endpoints also provide good cover for attackers since security professionals are reluctant to intervene on the endpoint, fearing that an action taken there will negatively impact user experience. We've all heard stories of what happens when endpoints and security programs don't get along: slow computers, system crashes or, even worse, the dreaded blue screen.

Endpoints provide critical information including process actions, file access information, network events and endpoint configuration changes. By continuously monitoring this activity and using machine learning to determine exactly what's happening on those machines, Cybereason can immediately detect an attack and present a complete attack story.

And faster attack detection leads to quicker incident response. Instead of waiting for a post-breach investigation to determine what happened on the endpoint, Cybereason collects that data from the endpoint from the start. With real-time collection, no piece of data is ever missing. And our real-time analytics help you understand the complete scope of an attack as events unfold.

Using endpoint data trumps relying on network data, which wouldn't provide this level of visibility into an organization's IT environment. Network information offers limited value and can't help security analysts piece together different incidents to determine if an organization is under attack.

Fred O'Connor
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Fred O'Connor

Fred is a Senior Content Writer at Cybereason who writes a variety of content including blogs, case studies, ebooks and white papers to help position Cybereason as the market leader in endpoint security products.