Need a Boost? Stretch Your Skills with the Cybereason Summer CTF!

Are you feeling cooped up after months of social distancing? Suffering from video conferencing meeting fatigue? Do you need to reawaken your curious analyst? Come capture flags and win prizes with Cybereason! Save your spot here.


Join Cybereason’s inaugural public CTF: an accessible and fun event that will test your “try harder” mindset and stretch your persistence muscles. Here’s your guide to the event.

  • Capture flags between Wednesday, August 19, and Monday, August 24
  • Jeopardy-style range of offensive and defensive challenges
  • Challenges range from beginner to advanced
  • Compete in teams for glory and prizes -- up to 4 per team

Each challenge will contain a unique answer—a flag—which might be a password hash, a timestamp, or file name. Challenges will stretch your offensive knowledge and incident investigation skills. You’ll also have access to the Cybereason Defense Platform to help you explore and simplify the investigation of complex data sources and scenarios.

Here’s the prize pool -- we’ll also be awarding Cybereason swag to a few lucky teams!

First place

(4) Hak5 Bash Bunnies + (4) $100 Amazon GC


Second place: 

(4) Hak5 Rubber Duckies + (4) $75 Amazon GC


Third place

(2) Sparrows Night-School Lock Picking Set (Tuxedo) + (1) One Year Subscription to TryHackMe


If this is your first time capturing flags, don’t worry! We can help set you up with a team, and we’ll be available to answer questions throughout the week. For those of you who lose sleep over unsolved challenges, we’ll publish a CTF walk-through after the event.

So, what are you waiting for? Register today!

Eric Sun
About the Author

Eric Sun

Eric Sun is a Product Director at Cybereason, focused on helping security teams measure and improve their resilience against modern threats. Eric works closely with the Nocturnus research team and global SOCs to understand emerging attack campaigns and evolving best practices. He brings a layer of behavior analytics and risk management from his many years in Asia as a professional poker player.

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