Launching Now: Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection

Over the past few weeks, we have been heads down thinking about how we can help enterprises through this new reality. During this difficult time, the remote workforce is exponentially increasing as both new corporate devices, home systems, and mobile devices gain access to enterprises. 

Trying to simultaneously maintain business continuity while also defending a totally remote workforce is a complex issue with heightened risks. IT and security teams need support now more than ever, as teams struggle with balancing cooperative remote work and meeting the needs of an entire organization.

We are hearing from the market that they need to defend this new workforce but don’t have the tools to do it. Because of this, today we are launching our newest solution, Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection. Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection is built to help organizations like yours secure this new, evolving-everywhere office, and take the load off of your plate. We want to help ease the burden on IT and security teams and to get you the coverage you need quickly. We recognize that, now especially, time and security are crucial. 

Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection combines Cybereason NGAV multi-layered prevention, EDR analysis and response, with Cybereason MDR to manage it all for you, and remote incident response services across workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. 

We know budgets and approvals are tight, so we have made this as easy as possible for your team. You can initiate deployment in 24 hours, on a flexible rate and three-month offering for fast, managed protection for remote employees. No fine print, no strings attached.

With this service, you get immediate: 

  • Fast, managed protection to stop advanced threats with 24/7 coverage.
  • Support from a dedicated team of security experts with experience across millions of endpoints.
  • Every device secured with NSS ‘AA’-rated real-time endpoint protection.
  • Deployment in as little as 24 hours across workstations, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Support for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Our global SOC is prepared to investigate and respond to suspicious behavior 24/7. In a time of dramatic change, where behavioral baselines are recalculated daily and security and IT staff are overwhelmed, we look to seamlessly augment your security to ensure your organization is protected beyond the perimeter.

If you need help protecting your remote workforce, Cybereason is here to help. Read about the benefits of Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection or get in touch with one of our specialists to get started.

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Shai Horovitz
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Shai Horovitz

Shai Horovitz, Chief Revenue Officer, has held several senior leadership roles within Cybereason, from Head of Business Development & Strategic Alliances to CEO, Cybereason Japan, now a significant contributor to the overall business. Prior to joining Cybereason, Shai was a senior leader in special operations for the military.

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