Ensuring Data Privacy: Update on EU Court of Justice Ruling

July 20, 2020 | 1 minute read

Cybereason is the only EPP vendor that gives you full control of your data and protects your data wherever it is.

Data privacy and sovereignty is a constantly evolving and growing challenge for every company; and in an interconnected yet localized world, it is critical that technology vendors continuously adapt. While the market throws out acronyms like GDPR, PCI, and SCC, security practitioners trust that their vendors not only protect their data, but also adhere to compliance regulations. This was driven home once again with the news of Privacy Shield and data protection in the European Union.

Let’s recap in case you haven’t caught up on the news:

  • A 16 July ruling by the European Union (EU) Court of Justice deemed the current EU-US Privacy Shield as inadequate in protecting EU citizen data.
  • Thousands of technology companies were using Privacy Shield, including Cybereason, to help comply with EU data privacy and sovereignty regulations.

Cybereason: Privacy By Design

Fundamentally, your data is yours, and the various vendors you work with are custodians of your data. We all need to work to protect it while ensuring data autonomy, privacy, and sovereignty. To do this in a changing world means providing the appropriate options to comply with local, regional, and global regulations. The clear need is for solutions that are architected from the ground up to provide flexibility around how and where data is collected, stored, and analyzed.

Data protection is job number one at Cybereason, but the privacy and sovereignty of that data is just as crucial for your business. Cybereason adopted the Privacy by Design framework from the beginning, proactively embedding data protection principles and privacy controls into the design of our solutions.  It’s because of this that Cybereason is the only EPP vendor that gives you full control of your data and protects your data wherever it is. We ensure that you maintain control of your data and the regions in which it resides, with flexible deployment options that include EU in-region hosting, private cloud, and on-premises deployment options. When deployed in the EU, all customers’ data can remain in-region (and potentially within the customer’s data center), enabling data privacy and compliance with EU and local regulations. 

Cybereason remains fully committed to providing solutions that work for our customers, wherever their data originates. Your data is your data and we will continue to work with you to provide solutions that adjust to the evolving needs of data autonomy, privacy, and sovereignty.

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Sam Curry
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Sam Curry

Sam Curry is CSO at Cybereason and is a Visiting Fellow at the National Security Institute. Previously, Sam was CTO and CISO for Arbor Networks (NetScout) and was CSO and SVP R&D at MicroStrategy in addition to holding senior security roles at McAfee and CA. He spent 7 years at RSA, the Security Division of EMC as Chief Technologist and SVP of Product. Sam also has over 20 patents in security from his time as a security architect, has been a leader in two successful startups and is a board member of the Cybersecurity Coalition, of SSH Communications and of Sequitur Labs.

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