Employee Spotlight: Why People are Key to Cybereason Success

Tim Weis, who was recently promoted to Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, supports hiring for some of our US-based teams and helps each of them scale and grow. Read below to learn more about Tim and why he says this is an exciting time to join Cybereason.


I joined Cybereason just over three years ago, back when we were around 400 global employees. Before that, I spent about 5 years working at a smaller Consulting/Market Research agency. 

Tim WeissI knew I wanted to try the startup world for my next role and Cybereason presented so many appealing options–it was very well funded (we’ve also added ~$500M+ in funding since I joined), had a ton of momentum behind it, and presented an opportunity for me to work for leaders I respected and would empower us to establish a world class Talent function. 


One of the things I love about Talent Acquisition and Cybereason is the variety of my day-to-day work life. I support a lot of our general and administrative teams, so I have supported everything from Marketing, Product, Sales, Legal, Accounting and Finance, HR, Ops, to various ad hoc positions. 

While my team’s main focus is here in the US, I’ve also supported roles in the UK, Singapore, Australia and other areas we’ve considered expanding worldwide. That variety is great because in terms of day-to-day, you could be meeting with a team to kick off a new search, sourcing for specific skill sets across the country, having an intro screen with someone who’s really interested in working here, or even (the best part!) extending an offer to someone who shares our values and wants to join the team.

We’ve grown tremendously in the last three years, in terms of headcount, revenue, funding, product offering, brand recognition etc. And, we just announced a really exciting partnership with Google to co-create the future of XDR. Seeing us climb the rankings in MITRE, Gartner, etc. each year has been a fantastic testament to all of our hard work. 

Selfishly, it’s been incredibly rewarding to see the growth that myself and our team has brought to the business, especially in the last year, where we grew headcount nearly 150%. 


Personally, I benefit the most from how flexible our work/life balance is. I’m in Talent Acquisition, so we’re used to discussing salary, equity and other things that are extremely important to people when considering a new job. But, benefits are hugely important and often overlooked. Flexibility, especially in the new COVID/hybrid work environment we find ourselves in, is massively valued by the majority of candidates I speak with.

For me and my wife, it means we’ve been able to pursue a lot of things that are really important to us over the past 3 years. We have family out West and have gotten to spend a significantly greater amount of time with them. We’re also really passionate about travel, fly fishing and skiing. 

During my time here, we’ve spent time chasing Tarpon down in the Florida Keys, alpine touring out in Jackson Hole and catching up with some of our colleagues over in London. All with the support of our team to either completely disconnect, or choose to stay plugged in from the hotel room.


It would be really hard to argue that “UbU” isn’t the value that is championed the most here. I’ve always appreciated that our executives spend time every single staff meeting reinforcing that (in addition to our company vision/mission). 

UbU is great because it means something different to everyone. Our office team never holds back when planning events to celebrate our employees who come from every different walk of life. That doesn’t just speak to gender or ethnic diversity – I’ve learned so much about some of my coworkers, solely because we are encouraged to share whatever it is we’re interested in. I’ve seen everything from whiskey/cigar nights, to hosted gardening and floral arrangement classes, woodworking, pizza making and virtual wine tasting events.


Despite the growth we’ve been through in the last 18 months, at the end of the day, we’re still what I’d categorize as a startup and very much a scaling business. I think a common denominator in people who are successful at Cybereason are individuals who are able to navigate a certain element of ambiguity. People who thrive in an environment where they know when it’s time to ask for more information, and when it’s time to confidently make a decision with what they have.


Cybereason is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in the world, and was recently named to three Built in Boston’s Best Places to Work lists for 2022: Boston Best Places to Work, Boston Best Paying Companies, and Boston Best Large Companies to Work For. Explore our careers site to learn more about Cybereason’s company culture and open positions.

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