Cybereason Nabs Three ‘Built In Boston's Best Places to Work 2022’ Awards

We are excited to share that Built In, the online community for startups and tech companies, has named Cybereason to three of Boston’s 2022 Best Places to Work lists: Boston Best Places to Work, Boston Best Paying Companies, and Boston Best Large Companies to Work For.

Built In determines the winners of Best Places to Work based on compensation, benefits and companywide programming. The criteria that are most important for job seekers, including remote and flexible work opportunities, programs for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI), and other people-first company cultural offerings.  

“It is my honor to extend congratulations to the 2022 Best Places to Work winners,” said Sheridan Orr, Chief Marketing Officer, Built In. “This year saw a record number of entrants—and the past two years fundamentally changed what tech professionals want from work. These honorees have risen to the challenge, evolving to deliver employee experiences that provide the meaning and purpose today’s tech professionals seek.”

Cybereason is a digital-first work environment, with around half of all employees working remotely, so it’s important to the company to ensure our culture and values remain top-of-mind for everyone in the company. The leadership team at Cybereason established the core values for company culture early on, and integrated them into all aspects of  the organization in a meaningful, consistent, and authentic way:

    • Daring: To achieve the impossible, we must dare to be different. We value people who believe anything is possible because they are fearless, innovative and believe that those who dare, win. To encourage this level of innovation and risk, 100% of our employees are offered generous equity packages so they reap the rewards of their daring work.
    • UbU: We believe people can only unlock their full potential when they work somewhere that accepts who they are. We combine diversity in everything we do and we act to promote equal opportunities and inclusion. There’s a sense of fairness and equality within Cybereason’s culture.”
    • Never Give Up: We are tenacious and resilient, and we never stop. We are not afraid to fail, we even encourage it; and if we fail, we learn from it. If we never give up, we can never be beaten. Leadership supports this value by prioritizing employee well-being with unique benefits such as unlimited PTO, flexible scheduling, and even subscriptions to Calm.
    • Ever Evolving: Change keeps us at the forefront, so we encourage it. Our industry is ever evolving, we are ever evolving as a company and our employees are evolving with us. For personal and professional growth, our employees are provided perks such as stipends towards courses and books and subscriptions to Masterclass. 
    • Win As One: The power of an individual is less than the power of a team. In our world, it’s acceptable to disagree, and once we choose a path, we commit as a team and operate as one. In practice, this means we celebrate various teams and individuals who contributed to a business win. 

Today, the UBU initiative has taken on more significance given the continued global pandemic and variety of social issues making headlines. A never give up attitude and willingness to constantly evolve are equally important core values at Cybereason.

Cybereason is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in the world with a rapidly expanding customer base. Explore our careers site to learn more about Cybereason’s company culture and open positions.

Cybereason People Team
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Cybereason People Team

The Cybereason People Team supports our employees by championing our core values—Daring, UbU, Never Give Up, Ever Evolving, and Win As One—through strategic programs, talent acquisition and onboarding, and the overall employee experience. Our mission is to ensure the growth and development of our people, and our vision is to maintain and expand our position as the best place to work in the high tech market.

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