Cybereason Extends Feature Support for Linux

December 10, 2021 | 1 minute read

Cybereason this week announced support for Endpoint Controls and pre-execution and at rest NGAV protection for Linux.

The global Linux operating system market is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 19.2 percent through 2027, according to the latest study by Fortune Business Insights, making Linux one of the most popular operating systems for cloud infrastructure and a major target for attackers. 

These new enhancements further extend Cybereason’s leadership in detecting and preventing Linux-based threats. The new features include:

  • Device Control for Linux
    • Use case scenario: USB storage devices are widely used as a method to transfer files in companies, and in the wrong hands can be used as a way to upload malware into vulnerable endpoints.
    • Device controls are used to allow/block external devices (such as USB storage devices) from connecting to endpoints to protect computers from potential malware exposure.
    • We provide 3 modes of device control for Linux: allow, block, and read-only.
  • Personal Firewall for Linux
    • Use case scenario: Security administrators can block a list of known phishing sites for groups of employees, greatly reducing the risk of attacks against the organization.
    • Personal firewall allows security administrators to govern permissions for communications to and from every endpoint.
    • We provide allow and block modes for Linux inbound and outbound firewall rules.
  • NGAV for Linux
    • Use case scenario: Security administrators need continuous protection from known and unknown malware for their Linux workstations and mission-critical servers.
    • The new NGAV on Linux includes prevention on execution and on write to disk before it executes, and provides a scanning option to identify dormant malware on machines.

Cybereason provides a holistic approach to protect your enterprise’s Linux machines with attack surface reduction tools, known and unknown malware protection, and full EDR capabilities including host isolation as an effective method to contain threats.

Earlier this year, Cybereason achieved 100% coverage for the prevention of Windows and Linux-based threats and detection of all 54 advanced attack techniques applied during round three of the ATT&CK® Evaluations, performed by MITRE Engenuity. OPSWAT also granted Cybereason’s Linux AV with Gold Access Control Certification, proving the compatibility of our AV product with thousands of other security vendors. 

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