Cybereason and SYNNEX Corporation Partner to End Cyber Attacks

Cybereason and SYNNEX Corporation are pleased to announce a strategic agreement that enables SMBs and Enterprises to detect and end cyber attacks on endpoints anywhere on their networks.

Cybereason and SYNNEX have joined forces to deliver endpoint detection and response (EDR) and Next-Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) to aid defenders in pinpointing any malicious operation (Malop™) across remote workstations, mobile devices and anywhere in their network ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to partner with SYNNEX and bring our award-winning endpoint protection platform and services to their rich network of partners and distributors in North America,” said Lior Div, CEO and Co-Founder, Cybereason.

“Their vast expertise in cybersecurity and unparalleled reach enables more SMBs and enterprises to benefit from our award-winning endpoint protection platform. Ending cyber attacks on the endpoint and everywhere is our mission and helping end-users is critical to reversing the adversary advantage and giving defenders a leg up in stopping and ending attacks.” 

As part of the initial agreement, SYNNEX customers will have access to the following security products and services: 

Cybereason Essentials Bundle: This solution  provides SMBs and enterprises with essential Endpoint Detection & Response, Next-Generation Anti-Virus, and security monitoring services all for a single price point. 

Cybereason Complete Bundle: This solution provides SMBs and enterprises with the entire Cybereason Essentials Bundle, along with endpoint controls and complete endpoint security management.  

December 2020 became a watershed moment in cybersecurity as the world witnessed one of the largest cyber attacks in history with the disclosure of the SolarWinds Supply Chain Attacks. Businesses have come to the realization that the world has entered an age of continuous incident response, where security teams must operate to detect and respond to threats in real-time. 

Cybereason is uniquely positioned to protect in a world of constant cyber attacks with an approach that is operation-centric rather than alert-centric. The Cybereason Malop is powered by behavioral analytics to fully contextualize and correlate insights that detail the full attack story from root cause to impacted users and devices. The end result is a future-ready attack platform that significantly reduces investigation/remediation periods from days to minutes. 

“Extending SYNNEX’s portfolio with Cybereason provides our partners a new solution to a growing problem for companies dealing with complex cyber attacks that can evade traditional security products,” said Jessica McDowell, Vice President, Business Development, SYNNEX Corporation.

“This agreement with Cybereason, along with our team’s expertise, will increase the ability of our partners to help their customers detect and end cyber attacks.”

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