Stopping the bad guys, part two

September 5, 2018 | 1 minute read

As part of Cybereason's mission to protect people and information, we're launching our Ai Hunting Tour - a cross-country road show - in a few weeks. We’re visiting 34 cities (more always seem to be added) and I encourage you to check it out if you’re a CISO, an analyst or anything in between - there’s going to be something for everyone.

Our engineering team will take attendees through a malicious operation from start to finish, so they can see just how easy it can be to empower the SOC, analysts and all their supporters. And they'll see how they can more easily figure out if they're under attack and quickly protect their environment from further damage.

We ran a similar program in the spring (more focused on what actually happens during an attack) and here’s just a few quotes from attendees:

“Best I’ve seen in a while….A+”

“I couldn’t believe it’s that easy to automate an attack.”

“The detailed demo of the attack was helpful to see the kill chain.”

“Great to be able to chat with other professionals in the industry.”

“The food was amazing.”

There’s a good chance we’re coming to a city near you, so see where we're visiting and join us. If your city isn’t listed, please let me know (Find me on Twitter @samjcurry), and I’ll see what we can do about adding one in the future.

Happy hunting.

Sam Curry
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Sam Curry

Sam Curry is CSO at Cybereason and is a Visiting Fellow at the National Security Institute. Previously, Sam was CTO and CISO for Arbor Networks (NetScout) and was CSO and SVP R&D at MicroStrategy in addition to holding senior security roles at McAfee and CA. He spent 7 years at RSA, the Security Division of EMC as Chief Technologist and SVP of Product. Sam also has over 20 patents in security from his time as a security architect, has been a leader in two successful startups and is a board member of the Cybersecurity Coalition, of SSH Communications and of Sequitur Labs.

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