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When I chose a career in B2B marketing I’m not sure I ever imagined I’d be a part of a team that spent weeks architecting intricate owl wings and razor-sharp talons, but here we are. While 2020 has been filled with many challenging surprises, this was a great one for me. And because we are driven by the mission of defending together, today we released a video of what it took to bring our new league of animated owls to life. But first, some history of the owl + Cybereason.

Since our founding in 2012, the owl has been the centerpiece of the Cybereason visual identity. While we may have experimented with feather color here and there, our wise and watchful owl logo has overseen our growth from a scrappy start-up to global cybersecurity powerhouse.


As we started down our re-brand road earlier this year, I urged my team and agency partners to shake things up. We set out to explore completely new ways of expressing what made Cybereason special, both verbally and visually. Nothing was sacred and no idea was too out there.

A quantitative study told us what our brand was today, while conversations with our customers, partners, and leaders helped us imagine what it could be tomorrow. 

As the research results came in, one thing was clear from the start – the owl was much more than a logo, it represented the soul of our company.

The reality was that our customers and partners not only liked the owl as a part of our visual identity. They felt it reflected their own identity as cyber defenders. They too must be wise thinkers and shrewd hunters who adapt as they go, cutting through darkness and complexity to zero in on and neutralize their targets. The owl symbolized the best in all of us as defenders. 

There was no doubt: the Cybereason owl was here to stay. But a lot has changed in the last eight years. The threats our customers face every day have grown exponentially and our company and capabilities have expanded to meet the challenge. It was time for our owl to grow up too.

One owl was no longer enough to represent all the many special superpowers defenders need to fight and win against today’s cyber attackers. We’d need a team of owls to tell this big a story. And this is how Cybereason’s League of Defenders was born.

Let me make the formal introductions:

PreventID truly is next-gen as those wings come together to shield you from any attack.


Detectia has the visibility, no matter the time of day, to find even the most sophisticated malicious operation.


Respondor is here to end attacks quickly, no attacker is safe from those talons, wherever they might hide.


Protector completes your defender team with the wisdom, visibility, and speed to go deep into the data and pull out every insight.


You can see the entire league in action in our brand video, on our website, and in the Cybereason commercials that are currently airing. And now, as promised, here is how these amazing owls came to life:

Meg O'Leary
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