Cybereason Launches New Complete Next-Generation Endpoint Platform

Cybereason Provides Enterprises With the Power of Unified Endpoint Detection and Response and Next-Generation Anti-Virus Technologies

Cybereason, developers of the most effective Total Endpoint Protection Platform including EDR & Next-Gen AV, today unveiled a new Endpoint Security Platform that includes next-generation antivirus (NGAV) functionality. By integrating Cybereason’s award-winning endpoint detection and response platform with classic and next-generation antivirus, enterprises can secure their entire environment against sophisticated threats on a single agent for ease of deployment and management.

The addition of NGAV (available Q2) enables the Cybereason Endpoint Security Platform to improve the ability to automatically prevent threats at all stages of an attack. Cybereason has always provided superior detection, context, and visibility of threats using enterprise-wide perspective and data. Adding signature and signature-less detection and prevention techniques to this enterprise-wide perspective puts the next-generation in the endpoint stack.

“The introduction of the new Cybereason platform furthers the mission of reversing the hacker advantage in the connected, digital world,” said Sam Curry, chief product officer, Cybereason. “Over the past year, Cybereason has detected hundreds of thousands of malicious operations in organizations across the globe. Over 60 percent of these detections are attributed to known malware that has bypassed antivirus. AV is failing. We’re leveraging our ability to detect threats and adding NGAV to enable our customers to automatically block all threat types, not just known bad files.”

By preventing more threats automatically, security teams will be able to focus their valuable time on advanced attacks including lateral movement, privilege escalation and exfiltration. No other solution available today can reduce the noise and provide the level of visibility and protection that is delivered with the Cybereason Platform.

Cybereason believes the key to stopping adversaries is behavioral analysis that enables early detection and response. Detection is the driving force enabling all other security activities to take place, including execution prevention, blocking, investigation, forensics and response.

Cybereason excels at detection because the solution is focused on collecting and analyzing behavioral data. It’s the best source of primary data for understanding what is really happening within the enterprise. Cybereason also has a core competence in effective, centralized analysis at scale. Instead of individual machines defending themselves with a fraction of their capacity, Cybereason enables enterprises to use the entire endpoint ecosystem as a defense mechanism with all endpoints working together to protect the organization.

Cybereason’s Endpoint Security Platform enables:

- Deeper Visibility of an Environment - The combination of endpoint detection and response with NGAV enables Cybereason to provide visibility into the endpoint that no other solution can offer.

- Detection of Malicious Operations (Malops) - Cybereason’s Endpoint Security Platform detects the widest range of attacks by conducting centralized analysis and correlating up to 8 million incidents per second across an entire environment.

- Automated Threat Prevention - Cybereason prevents and blocks all types of threats, from drive-by downloads to advanced persistent threats.

- Optimized Response - The Cybereason Response Interface enables security teams to quickly respond to detected threats by killing processes and isolating machines.

Lital Asher-Dotan
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