CISO Stories Podcast: Why Are We Still Failing at Security?

Why are we failing at security, and will we ever graduate from Cyber-Kindergarten? The industry has arguably made a lot of progress over the last three decades, yet the attackers still enjoy a distinct advantage. Wayman Cummings, VP of Security Operations at Unisys, joins the podcast to discuss how industry stagnation impacts the security for our critical infrastructure, when that rises to the level of national security issue, what value true public-private partnerships can bring, and more - check it out...


About the Guest

Wayman Cummings

VP of Security Operations at Unisys

Wayman Cummings serves as the Vice President of security overseeing all Unisys’s corporate security programs, including threat intelligence and incident response capabilities. He developed a vulnerability first approach to information threats, focusing on centralized analysis and response capabilities. As part of this, the focus is also on the objective of the attack versus the method of using cyber or physical means. Wayman actively participates in intelligence sharing programs, security round tables and podcasts to help drive a new approach to security that bridges the physical and cyber realms.

Prior to joining Unisys, he served as a senior leader within a large managed security services organization and various positions in the security field. Wayman also serves on the Inclusion and Diversity board for Unisys and focuses on helping drive diversity and inclusion within the information security space by actively mentoring underserved groups. He has modeled diversity and inclusion throughout his career by developing a “rainbow” concept where we achieve equity through each group pulling each other up and welcoming diverse viewpoints within his organizations.

Wayman holds a bachelor’s degree from Angelo State University and a master’s degree from Norwich University. He also serves on the boards of directors of InfraGard, central Texas. Outside of work, Wayman enjoys obstacle racing and spending time with his wife and 4 children.

About the Hosts


Sam Curry

Chief Security Officer at Cybereason

Sam Curry (@samjcurry) is CSO at Cybereason and is a Visiting Fellow at the National Security Institute.  Previously, Sam was CTO and CISO for Arbor Networks (NetScout) and was CSO and SVP R&D at MicroStrategy in addition to holding senior security roles at McAfee and CA. He spent 7 years at RSA, the Security Division of EMC as Chief Technologist and SVP of Product.

Sam also has over 20 patents in security from his time as a security architect, has been a leader in two successful startups and is a board member of the Cybersecurity Coalition, of SSH Communications and of Sequitur Labs.


Todd Fitzgerald

Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy at Cybersecurity Collaborative

Todd Fitzgerald (@securityfitz) has built information Fortune 500/large company security programs for 20 years. 

Todd serves as VP, Cybersecurity Strategy and Chairman of the Cybersecurity Collaborative Executive Committee, was named 2016–17 Chicago CISO of the Year, ranked Top 50 Information Security Executive, authored 4 books including #1 Best Selling and 2020 CANON Hall of Fame Winner CISO COMPASS: Navigating Cybersecurity Leadership Challenges with Insights from Pioneers (2019), ground-breaking CISO Leadership: Essential Principles for Success, as well as contributions to a dozen others. 

Todd held senior leadership positions at Northern Trust, Grant Thornton International, Ltd, ManpowerGroup, WellPoint (Anthem) Blue Cross Blue Shield/ National Government Services, Zeneca/Syngenta, IMS Health and American Airlines.

CISO Stories Podcast

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