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Cybereason Blue Team

The Cybereason Blue Team is a global unit focused on mitigating advanced adversarial techniques leveraged by both high level Threat Actors and Red Teams across the globe. The Blue Team is comprised of experts in Red Teaming, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics and Incident Response, giving them a unique insight into both sides of the coin. Working alongside both customers and third-party Red Teams, and leveraging the Cybereason platform, the Blue Team is able to push the boundaries of detection and response well beyond commonly known Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), reversing the adversarial advantage long before new techniques are adopted by mainstream Threat Actors. As part of Cybereason Threat Intelligence, the Blue Team is able to quickly translate these findings into MalOp detections, ensuring our entire customer base is protected.

All posts by Cybereason Blue Team

Blue Teaming on macOS with eslogger

In this edition of the Blue Team Chronicles, we assess the capabilities of eslogger, a new built-in macOS tool, and show how defenders can use this tool to better understand malicious activities on macOS and build new detection approaches...

October 4, 2022 / 8 minute read

Rundll32: The Infamous Proxy for Executing Malicious Code

In this article we take a deeper dive into an often abused Microsoft-signed tool, the infamous rundll32.exe, which allows adversaries to execute malicious code during their offensive operations through a technique which we explain in detail...

August 9, 2022 / 10 minute read