The Defenders

The Defenders is a behind-the-scenes look at four famous cyber attacks and the incredible people tasked with keeping our institutions safe from ever-evolving cyber threats.



London 2012 Summer Olympics

During the London 2012 Summer Olympics, six serious cyber threats occurred. One included a threat to the power systems the morning of the opening ceremony. Although nothing transpired from the threat, the Olympic committee had a plan of action and was well prepared for an attack. Hear from Oliver Hoare, former Head of Cybersecurity, London 2012 Summer Olympics on how his team was able to prepare for this scenario.

The New York Times

On October 25, 2015, The New York Times published an article that found relatives of China's Prime Minister Wen Jiabao had accumulated billions of dollars of wealth through influenced business dealings. Following this, Chinese nation-state hackers breached The New York Times systems by installing malware and gaining access to passwords and computers. Mike Higgins, Former CISO, The New York Times and Nicole Perlroth, Senior Reporter, The New York Times share the inside story of how they uncovered the attack.

Sony Pictures

Leading up to the release of The Interview, the hacker group "Guardians of Peace" which is affiliated with North Korea confiscated confidential employee and production information. Five movies, hundreds of social security numbers, and thousands of emails were released to the public. This was the first offensive cyber attack against the United States from another nation state ever. Former Chief of Staff to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Eric Rosenbach shares how the White House and Department of Defense tackled this tricky diplomatic situation.

San Francisco Muni

The Muni transit system in San Francisco was hacked during Black Friday weekend in 2016. The hackers were asking for 100 bitcoin or $73,000 as fare systems went out of service, and commuters could not buy tickets to ride on the Muni. Lisa Walton, CIO of Muni shares her perspective on how her team recovered from this attack.


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