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Webinar with Moshe Ishai, Co-founder of HolistiCYber

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As Attackers are evolving their techniques, the lives of Defenders are getting harder. Mature security teams have to adopt a post-breach mindset and develop new practices to defend their organization's environment successfully. 


Defenders now have to ask themselves:

  • Are we watching all the right angles?
  • Are we preserving the right distance while hunting for threats?
  • How can we pull things together to improve our Cyber resilience?
In this webinar, Moshe Ishai, Co-Founder of HolistiCyber, will address the implications of the new cyber era and cover the ways to cope with cyber threats.He will articulate the main drivers that have led to the reality we are facing today. Cyber threats are becoming more advanced and more sophisticated. Moshe will convey the prominent catalyst factors that have led to the current reality of cyber and more importantly, discuss key ways to tackle the rapidly emerging cyber threats.

About Moshe Ishai_

Moshe Ishai is a world-known cybersecurity expert with over 20 years of practical cyber experience working with governments worldwide, global enterprises, and firms in the private sector. Moshe has extensive experience leading Cyber Incident response arrays and conducting iconic cyber event investigations, designing cybersecurity defense plans for large IT apparatuses across the globe, orchestrating cyber defense matrixes and cybersecurity strategy roadmaps, risk approach analysis, methodologies, research & development. He has chaired several cybersecurity committees of behalf of cybersecurity associations and countries and been a member of a variety of committees dealing with threat modeling, virtual security, and cybersecurity standardization.
Moshe Ishai

Moshe Ishai

Co-Founder | HolistiCyber