While external cyber threats gain much of the attention of security teams, as they vary in their level of complexity - ranging from commodity malware to targeted attacks, security teams must always also keep an eye on threats posed by malicious or negligent actions of third parties, privileged users, and business users.

Staying ahead of threats from the inside as well as the outside is more challenging than ever, especially as 80% of security professionals claim that the threats they’ve been handling have at least doubled in the past year.

In our  webinar Cybereason joins forces with ObserveIT to take a deep dive into the world of insider and outsider threats. We cover:

  • The different motivations, potential damage, and prevalence of insider and outsider threats
  • How insider and outsider threats can be discovered, mitigated, and prevented
  • How automation and analytics can help companies deal with these threats


Brad Green Brad Green 
Senior Sales Engineer | Cybereason
Kevin Donovan Kevin Donovan
Senior Solutions Architect | ObserveIT