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State of Ransomware


ABOUT THE webinar_

Ransomware continues to evolve and despite what many in the industry had thought was a lull in the use of ransomware by cyber criminals; it hasn’t gone away and has returned with a vengeance. The “tried and true” source of revenue, projected at $17B in 2020, for cyber criminals now comes with capabilities and new tactics to ensure money is paid by the victims it has been inflicted upon.

The Cybereason research team, Nocturnus, continues to follow the latest ransomware trends based upon what is happening in the underground and the Cybereason Incident Response team has first hand experience and lessons learned based upon what customers have encountered. Please join this webinar to get insights from Cybereason experts on the current state of ransomware and what you can do to prepare for the next ransomware attack.

Some highlights of the ransomware discussion will include:

  • Evolution of ransomware
  • Current trends and new tactics
  • Lessons from the field
  • How to better protect your organization from ransomware

We look forward to having you attend this engaging and in-depth discussion with our experienced cyber security speakers. Be sure to register so you can gain a better understanding of what is happening with ransomware and how you can better protect your organization from the latest ransomware attack.

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About our speakers_



Assaf Dahan, Head of Threat Research, Nocturnus

assafAssaf is a renowned security researcher, with over 15 years of experience in the InfoSec industry. He started his career in the Israeli Military 8200 unit where he acquired extensive experience in offensive security and intelligence work. Later in his career he led red-teams, developed penetration testing methodologies, and specialized in malware analysis and reverse engineering.


Jim Hung, Senior Director of Incident Response Engineering

jim-hung-hsJim brings over 11 years experience in Digital Forensics and Incident Response, having led and participated in some of the industries largest and most influential incidents. He led CrowdStrike’s EMEA Incident Response team as Director of Professional Services and Facebook’s Incident Response team as Tech Lead.