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Ransomware Maturity Model

Take Control with an Operation-Centric Approach

In recent years, ransomware groups have become all the more effective at compromising networks. To stay vigilant, security teams must investigate every suspicious activity, something they have nowhere near enough resources to accomplish. Security leaders can’t fill positions, and practitioners are burned out from alert fatigue and the manual work required to investigate every alert. By shifting your team’s focus from investigating alerts, to ending malicious operations, you will not only protect your organization from these evolving threats, you will improve your program’s efficiency and get back time and control.

Join us for our LinkedIn Live webinar on February 9th as we discuss Cybereason’s Ransomware Maturity Model.  You’ll gain a better understanding of the various security frameworks and what each one offers, where your cyber defense stands today, and how you can take back control with an operation-centric approach.





VP & Global Field CISO, Cybereason

Prior to joining Cybereason, Greg held CSO and CTO positions with Palo Alto Networks, FireEye and Symantec. A respected thought leader and long-time advocate for stronger, more proactive cybersecurity, Greg has helped many law enforcement agencies improve detection of cybercriminal behavior. In addition, he previously taught malware forensics to agencies around the world and has worked in advisory capacities for the Council of Europe on cybercrime and the UK National Crime Agency. He currently serves on the Europol cyber security industry advisory board.



Director of Product Marketing, Cybereason

Justin Buchanan, Director of Product Marketing, is responsible for the go-to-market strategy of Cybereason’s Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) offerings. Driven by his background in IT and his deep understanding of customers’ desired outcomes, Justin is passionate about how Cybereason can help customers—and the security industry as a whole—reverse the adversary advantage and empower defenders.