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Cybereason Hosts CEO Roundtable on Restoring National Cybersecurity

Mar 17, 2021

Cybereason, the leader in future-ready attack protection, recently hosted a CEO Roundtable titled, ‘Restoring National Cybersecurity: A look into the first 100 days of the Biden Administration,’ with leading CEOs from private and public sector security organizations.

Joining Lior Div, Cybereason CEO and Co-Founder, was CEO of Fortalice and former White House CIO Theresa Payton, Rapid7 Chairman and CEO Corey Thomas and President and CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance and Obama’s former cyber czar Michael Daniel. David Spark, managing editor and founder of the CISO Series, moderated the roundtable.

“Cybereason was thrilled to host such a distinguished and accomplished group of CEOs from the public and private sectors to discuss the requirements needed to restore national cybersecurity in the United States. In the cat-and-mouse game of cyberespionage and cybercrime, the stakes are high. Nation-state backed threat groups are attacking corporations and public sector organizations on a daily basis, the threats are real and can no longer be excused,” said Div.

The roundtable discussion covered several key topics, including:

President Biden’s Cybersecurity Priorities - The panel discussed what the federal government should focus on to restore our national cybersecurity defenses.

“Changing our mindset on restoring national cybersecurity is critical because the security burden still rests squarely on the shoulders of the consumer and of the user in the organization. We need to step up in our design, and make sure that security is inherently there as a safety net in all of our thinking. Security needs to be at the intersection of business capability and enhancing resiliency and reliability,” said Payton.

SolarWinds fallout and the software supply chain - The conversation focused on the fact that Russia acts with impunity when it comes to cyber operations against the US -- whether it’s attacks or spreading misinformation -- and what steps should the US take to deter Russia from this behavior.

“The SolarWinds attack was unparalleled in its scope, successfully infiltrating and compromising many US government agencies and a wide array of private sector companies. That being said, If the public and private sector can work together to solve complex cybersecurity issues, and at the same time accurately identify the threat actors and bring them to account for their actions, it will go a long way in reversing the adversary advantage,” said Div.

Emerging Cybersecurtiy Threats - The panel discussed where they see new threats emerging in 2021, including attacks against the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, ransomware attacks on hospitals, and critical infrastructure like power plants and water treatment facilities.

“I believe we’ll continue to see ransomware attacks on hospitals and other organizations. Cyber criminals are able to monetize these attacks because any hospital downtime could be the difference between life and death. For healthcare leaders who are already burdened today, it’s vital for them to have a strong proactive security program and threat detection they can trust,” said Thomas.

What is Going Well in Cybersecurity? - The panel discussed positive developments in fighting cybercrime and cyber espionage and new developments that are allowing defenders to take the high ground away from adversaries.

“I find it fascinating that the Chinese have shown a willingness to engage with the world on questions of intellectual property theft because we have seen signs of spying from Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia [against China]. Suddenly, they are much more interested in protecting their own IP and that can be leveraged in negotiations with them in the coming months,” said Daniel.

About Cybereason
Cybereason is the champion for today’s cyber defenders providing future-ready attack protection that unifies security from the endpoint, to the enterprise, to everywhere the battle moves. The Cybereason Defense Platform combines the industry’s top-rated detection and response (EDR and XDR), next-gen anti-virus (NGAV), and proactive threat hunting to deliver context-rich analysis of every element of a Malop (malicious operation). The result: defenders can end cyber attacks from endpoints to everywhere. Cybereason is a privately held, international company headquartered in Boston with customers in more than 30 countries.

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