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Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Powered by Google Cloud

AI-driven XDR by Cybereason transforms petabyte-scale data into visual attack stories: MalOps (malicious operations). Achieve 10x the security results without 10x the work.

This is XDR.

Predict, understand, and end cyber attacks at planetary scale.

Planetary-Scale Protection

From Day 1, prevent unknown ransomware, stop active attacks, and explore petabyte-scale data without the planetary-scale cost.


Operation-Centric Response

The MalOp™ correlates data across endpoints, applications the cloud and identities as an actionable attack story.


Predict Attacker Behavior

Anticipate attacker actions with automated threat intelligence analysis from Google Cloud and Cybereason Nocturnus applied to all your data.

Cybereason XDR Powered by Google Cloud



WORKSPACE and IDENTITY: Protect Employees Anywhere

Cybereason XDR protects your employees with effective security far beyond the endpoint. Through native integrations with email, productivity suites, identity and access management, and cloud deployments, find undetected signs of compromise and end malicious operations.

CLOUD: Identity Monitoring and Workload Protection

With native integrations into Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, Cybereason XDR monitors for signs of account takeover and data exfiltration, and can protect cloud workloads against emerging threats like exploitation of undisclosed vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks.

Network: Deep Network Telemetry Correlation

The AI-driven Cybereason Defense Platform integrates with leading firewall and NDR vendors to consolidate alerts, correlate network context with user and asset activity, and enable automated or guided response actions from the XDR console. Save on storage and analytics costs while upskilling your analysts with intuitive, extensible threat hunting.

Cybereason Cloud Workload Protection

Now available, Cloud Workload Protection leveraging AI-driven behavioral analysis to deliver unparalleled runtime protection, detection and response to protect cloud workloads and containers across both native and hybrid cloud environments at petabyte scale.


“We started off as an EDR customer -- as we have grown, our attack surface has expanded beyond the endpoint. Cybereason XDR is perfect for protecting our work-anywhere endpoints, our digital cloud-based products, our legacy systems as well as our industrial infrastructure. This approach has eliminated the noise so we can focus on what matters and use our skilled staff on strategic initiatives instead of chasing alerts.”

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XDR Features

Build an effective, scalable approach to security operations

Infosec teams are facing burnout and overload from low-context alerts and false positives. As organizations expand, log management and SIEM solutions struggle to scale and become increasingly cost-prohibitive. Cybereason XDR provides a unified investigation and response experience that correlates telemetry across remote endpoints, mobile devices, cloud platforms, and applications to predict, prevent and end malicious operations.

Protect your employees across all the ways they work

With diverse and deep integrations, Cybereason XDR delivers enhanced correlations across Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and Indicators of Behavior (IOBs), the more subtle signs of network compromise. Cybereason XDR provides Predictive Ransomware Protection out-of-the-box and automatically blocks malicious executables and related attacker activity.

Improve incident response times from hours to minutes

Despite spending millions of dollars on cybersecurity tools, most organizations still can’t detect and respond to cyber attacks in a reasonable timeframe. Cybereason XDR breaks down the data silos that attackers rely on to remain undetected by unifying device and identity correlations for faster, more effective threat detection and response while unlocking new predictive capabilities that enable defenders to anticipate an attacker's next move and block them proactively.

Reversing the Adversary Advantage

Cybereason is here to collaborate with your team in our mission to empower defenders and reverse the adversary advantage. Cybereason XDR enables frictionless adoption of advanced detections built by - and shared with - the larger community of defenders. United in our efforts we can increase the burden on the attackers so they are forced to relinquish the advantage they have enjoyed for too long.

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