ChatGPT: A New Generation of Dynamic Machine-Based Attacks?

In the last year, there has been much furor around ChatGPT, a chatbot evolving through trained and reinforced learning techniques. As with every scientific advancement with noble intent, there will inevitably be scope for misuse. This session will explore the art of the possible and consider whether ML can outsmart humans in the cyber attack domain.

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Meet The speakers


Greg Day

VP & Global Field CISO, Cybereason

Prior to joining Cybereason, Greg held CSO and CTO positions with Palo Alto Networks, FireEye and Symantec. A respected thought leader and long-time advocate for stronger, more proactive cybersecurity, Greg has helped many law enforcement agencies improve detection of cybercriminal behavior. In addition, he previously taught malware forensics to agencies around the world and has worked in advisory capacities for the Council of Europe on cybercrime and the UK National Crime Agency. He currently serves on the Europol cyber security industry advisory board.


Paul Vann

Software Developer

Paul is currently a Software Developer and has spent numerous years both through school and work in software development and cybersecurity. Over the past five years Paul has built a strong knowledge of cyber security and development.