Webinar: MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Results

OUR RESULTS & WHat They Mean_



In early February we boiled down the complexity of MITRE ATT&CK in our MITRE ATT&CK Framework webinar, explaining what different detection categories mean, how to adapt the framework to an organization’s environment, and how to interpret the results of the evaluations.

With the release of our results, Sam Curry, Chief Security Officer, and Israel Barak, Chief Information Security Officer, will now discuss how Cybereason effectively enables defenders to discover, understand, and respond to a full attack.

Based on the evaluation results, Sam and Israel will dissect how Cybereason:

  • Reveals the full attack story and provides the best detection coverage across attack phases, as well as the most coverage overall
  • Provides superior visibility and intelligent alerting, delivering the most coverage of MITRE ATT&CK with the most real-time alerts of all vendors
  • Automatically pinpoints techniques at each stage of the attack landscape
  • Gives the most complete and detailed view of an attack by having the highest number of correlated detections of any vendor