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Open your calendars, because Malicious Life’s first ever live event will take place next month. The date is July 29th, and the time is 12pm Eastern Time in the US: that’s 9am Pacific time, and 5 O’clock in the afternoon in London.

The focus of the event will be Multi-Stage Ransomware: these ultra-sophisticated ransomware attacks against companies and organizations, results in hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars lost for victims of these attacks. On this live episode, Malicious Life host, Ran Levi will be speaking with Israel Barak, Cybereason’s CISO and an expert in these kinds of attacks, to talk about the ins and outs of these APT grade operations.

Participation in the live event will be free, but you do need to register in advance. There will be time dedicated to answering some of your questions, both for Israel about cyber-security, and for Ran - if you’re curious about what’s on what goes on behind the scenes for an episode of Malicious Life.

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