Extended Detection and Response (XDR) : Its Past, Present, and Future


If you’ve been feeling critical about your company’s ability to identify and defeat modern attackers, you’re not alone. Our world is one where IT infrastructure, attacker trends, and workspace norms continue to shift, so it’s an increasingly difficult challenge to build a resilient infosec program backed by tested best practices.

Security vendors are evolving as well. 2021 comes with huge hype, as well as expectations, around a new technology: Extended Detection and Response (XDR). Well, what is XDR, how is it different, and can it actually stop today’s malicious operations? In this special session, join us to learn about Cybereason’s evolution to XDR: how we got here, where Cybereason is today, and a look towards the future.


Meet The Speaker

eric xdr product director

Eric Sun

Product Director, Cybereason

Eric Sun is a Product Director at Cybereason, focused on helping security teams measure and improve their resilience against modern threats. Eric works closely with the Nocturnus research team and global SOCs to understand emerging attack campaigns and evolving best practices. He brings a layer of behavior analytics and risk management from his many years in Asia as a professional poker player.