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Organizations at Risk: Ransomware Attackers Don’t Take Holidays

A Global Study on Weekend/Holiday Ransomware Attacks

Key Findings from Recent Ransomware Attacks:

  • Ransomware attackers are leveraging holidays and weekends for maximum impact
  • Holiday / weekend ransomware attacks take longer to respond to and recover from, resulting in more damage and loss of revenue
  • 90% of cybersecurity professionals are concerned about weekend / holiday attacks
  • Nearly a quarter (24%) do not have a specific plan in place to address the increased risk on holidays and weekends despite being attacked before

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Threat actors increasingly target weekends and holidays for ransomware attacks--striking when there are fewer people available to detect or respond to the attack.

Our latest research reveals that weekend and holiday ransomware attacks often take longer to mitigate and result in longer recovery times and greater loss of revenue. Most cybersecurity professionals are concerned about attacks during the holidays, but many are not prepared to respond if it happens.

With the right tools and processes in place, organizations can defend against ransomware attacks effectively and enjoy their holidays and weekends in peace.