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Cybereason + Arm: Securing The Core of IoT
Securing IoT
Adversary Hunting

Why Adversary Hunting

A Cybereason hunting engagement gives you in-depth insight into the overall health of your environment. Our team is trained to hunt for low and slow malicious activity and environmental deficiencies that could potentially be leveraged by sophisticated attackers. During a hunt, our team will:

Profile your environment. The Cybereason hunting team will dive deep into the data to understand exactly which things should and shouldn’t be there.

Determine if you’re under attack. Our team seeks out environmental anomalies and determines within a short period of time if a malicious operation is underway.

Identify defense deficiencies. Cybereason analysts will identify gaps that hackers can exploit, such as Remote Access Trojans and malicious use of Microsoft Office scripting, and provide recommendations to improve your defenses.

Report findings. At the end of a hunting engagement, you’ll get a comprehensive summary that includes findings and recommendations to improve your security posture.


The Cybereason Difference

Cybereason has assembled a corps of elite security experts from a range of military, academic, and commercial backgrounds. The unique combination of expertise and best of breed detection technology, enables your organization to feel confident that you’re not missing anything.

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Adversary Hunting

The Adversary Hunting

Go on the offense
Deep Hunting engagements help companies quickly determine if they are under attack. The Cybereason Hunting team proactively hunts for adversaries, determines if an organization is being attacked, and provides insight into the attack methodologies used by the adversary.

Get early warning of adversary activity
Understand any attacks that are underway and minimize their impact.

Quickly eliminate the attacker from your environment
Eliminate any adversary footprint from your environment that could be used to launch later stages of an attack.

Better protect against future attacks
Based on the attacks remediated within your environment and new threats our team is seeing in the global landscape, Cybereason experts will guide you through closing gaps and building greater defenses.

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