Addressing Ransomware's Evolution with Behavioral Prevention


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Though ransomware attacks dropped significantly in early 2018, over the past several years they have reemerged with a vengeance. Ransom payments have also shot up, and in December 2019 the average ransom payout to an attacker was over $80,000.

Through this gain in popularity and increasing ransom payout, attackers are developing new features and capabilities to make ransomware more sophisticated than ever before. What once was a blunt instrument of damage is now a campaign-style piece of malware.

In this webinar, learn about the evolving ransomware attacks the Cybereason team is seeing in real world environments and how we have developed our product to prevent them.

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israel barak, chief information security officer, cybereason

Israel-BarakIsrael Barak, CISO, is a cyber defense and warfare expert, with extensive background working for the government where he established and operated various cyber warfare teams. As Cybereason’s CISO, Israel is at the forefront of the company’s security innovation, as well as research and analysis of current and evolving advanced threats. As part of his various roles, Israel developed cyber warfare infrastructure and proprietary technologies, including leading development of proprietary cryptographic solutions, research and analysis of security vulnerabilities, information security products and technologies, and managed enterprise-wide large scale development and implementation projects of cyber technologies. Israel spent years training, guiding and professionally mentoring new personnel, providing in-depth cyber expertise as it relates to cyber warfare, cyber security, and threat actor’s tactics and procedures. Israel is a regular speaker at leading cyber security industry conferences and events.